Rules that make writing hard (Classwork)

When writing an essay I tend to think about things like grammar, punctuation and if the essay is interesting. I can never start the rest of the essay without finishing the introduction and when writing the introduction I think about if my hook is good enough or if my thesis is okay. I am a perfectionist so if I’m not satisfied with my intro I will start over. When I’m finally satisfied with my introduction I will begin my body paragraph by bringing up one of the points I’m trying to make. I will explain how the point is relevant to the topic and why it supports what I am trying to say. I will continue with another paragraph bringing up another point. Depending on the type of essay it is I will add another point or I will add a counter claim. I tend to rewrite ever paragraph 1-3 times depending on how satisfied I am with my writing.

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  1. Ah -ha! A never-finisher! I feel your pain. Remember what Mike Rose says about being blocked, and how the best way to go is to just write and fix it later. That was a rule it took me YEARS to believe in, because it means you have to revise later and who wants to do it again? But once it sunk in, I realized it actually works. It’s hard, though…
    –Prof Blain

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