alex torres writers statement

When i look back at it now i have a pretty good idea of what discord communities are, and i can identify some of them in my own personal life, from soccer, to college students to vide games. I do see the the corralation a topic like that has in many people life. My problem with it though is that i don’t have much information after that, are i don’t know how it impacts me in anyway so I think I get the topic but i do not understand the point of identifying an idea like that. Rhetorical questions I understand on a social aspect, when you as an audience a question that is not supposed to be answered, but just like the discord communities I don’t understand t the purpose of it. In my honest opinion i have not thought about these ideas in my everyday life, and I would like to learn more and maybe see how it would impact in the groups of friends i make abd how i associate with them. But other than in class I have never thought about these topics outside of class. I think it is because discord communties are not at easily to identify and see if it is worth it to be in those groups, if it benifits you or not.

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