Writer’s Statement

Discourse communities are something I am not new to, growing up in middle school I have always been like a group hopper who was cool with everybody so I got into groups fairly easily. Genres was something that I felt like I had always had a grasp on, like the basic concept of it being a specific set of literature that follows a certain pattern and rules for that certain genre. Like I said in my genres blogpost, I feel as if I know the hiphop/rap genre very well throughout the many years i have listening to it. As for discourse communities, it was a word I was foreign to but not foreign to the concept. Regrettably, rhetoric is one concept that I have not gotten a grasp on, I can’t even give you the definition if you asked for it right now. I only know of it as in the context of a rhetorical question but I know that is not the same as rhetoric in literature but i am sure I will get the concept sooner than later. Discourse communities is something useful as well as genres. In my opinion, they seem to be the same because they refer to groups that have something in common with each other so that is one way I help myself remember the two.


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