Writers Statment

Discourse communities, Genres, and Rhetoric make sense to me. The reason why they make sense to me is because we deal with these more often than we think or sometimes we don’t even realize were dealing with them. For example back in high school it was common for us too pick genres (mostly persuasive) that we found interesting and we would research and write about. When it comes to Discourse Communities we tend to find ourselves in them sometimes without even realizing it at the moment. I believe there useful concepts because, Discourse communities can help you grow and become smarter as a person and can help you become more confident as a person. While Genres can help you become more smarter when it comes to researching about certain topics and gathering more information. I never really thought about these before, other then genres because we used them a lot back in high school when it came to writing essays. As for Discourse Communities I remember being part of them but looking back at it now I realize it was a discourse community I just didn’t know I was in one at the moment. When it comes to rhetoric I never really thought about them before.             

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