Serinity & Peace


When asked what is you happiest place in NYC? When I am feeling stressed or down and want to be alone my happiest place is a place called the pod on 51 street. The pod is my happiest place because it may seem odd, but it’s a hotel that I go to and not to get a room, but they have a roof top where anyone is allowed to go to and I go there almost every other weekend especially in the summer time because it’s a place where you can sit, think, relax and chill with anyone. I considered it my happy place because it’s where I go when I am cruising on my skateboard and I go up to the roof listen to my music and think about my life in general. I sometimes even do my homework there because they have free wi-fi and it’s a place for me to sit down and be alone with no worries.

When I get to 51 street any feeling that I was feeling before automatically goes away because that’s a place where I am at ease and all my worries goes away. Not only do I love going to the pod, but someone who is special to me or important to me they get the privilege to go to the pod because I want to be memorable to people and I want to give them things to remember. The reason why I want to give them something to remember because someone who I told about the pod and they go there they can hit me up or walk past the pod one day and can say “nay I was by the pod and it made me think of you “which makes me feel good because no matter what they will always remember me.

Also the coolest thing about the pod it remind me of titanic because the way it is set up its small, but the rooms are so cool and huge and titanic is one of my favorite movies, therefore going there reminds me of it and they have so many pictures in the hallways which reminds me of being in an art museum, it makes me feel good and happy because it’s what I dream of having my own place looking like. Also it’s where all my thoughts come into one and I write everything down so I won’t forget.

Lastly the reason why I go to the pod and some may think “you go to a hotel to chill on a roof “it may seem weird to some, but the reason is because it’s a place not everyone will go and say that’s their favorite place. I go there so much the door man know my name and give me free snacks and sometimes I have the option to sit get a room for a couple of hours because my dad brother friend is the manager there, and I have the ability to actually get the chance to be on my own for once and have time for myself.

My Happy Place.

When I walk into this place my problems seem to disappear. I become happy and ready to explore. The place that makes me feel this way is Forever 21, specifically the one in Times Square. I love this specific Forever 21 out of all the other ones the most is because it has four floors. Other stores have one or two floors but this one has FOUR. The main reason this place brings me joy because since getting a job I am able to buy things on my own, I no longer need to ask anymore. This play always gave me joy because now knowing that I am able to buy what I want, makes this place my favorite place. I loved the store before my job, but going to a store without money is torture. Having to look at all the beauty and knowing you can’t buy it hurts. So now when I come here I have the option of buying something if I want to.

So the first floor is the kind of preppy clothing. I’ve noticed every time I go with someone they never want to look in the first floor, I’ve never understood that. I think it’s best to look on every floor, you’ll never what you might find despite which floor. I like to give every floor a chance. The thing about this store, it get’s better with each floor. So the second floor is split up in different sections based on the types of clothes. There’s the pajamas and comfortable clothing, the bags, the working clothes, the lingerie, jewelry and then one section for everyday wear. I love the fact that they do this because it’s allowing so much just on one floor and there’s so much different stuff to look at.

The third floor is also divided into section based on clothes. There’s the clothes for guys, the kids, jeans, plus size, and night out clothing. One would be surprised, there are some nice stuff in the boys section if you actually look. I really like just looking in the boys section because there stuff is more comfortable. I like to feel comfortable in my clothing and nowadays everything for girls is cut short, which I hate. Even sweaters, something meant to keep us warm is cut. I really hope that trend stops because it’s not cute, not even in the summer. I love the fact that there is a plus size section, I love getting my jeans from there because sometimes the regular jeans don’t fit me. This is the only Forever 21 I’ve been to with a plus size section. It’s good because not everyone fits the regular clothing and it’s good to have one there.

Finally the last floor, where I usually always find what I’m looking for or just find the best stuff. The last floor is more urban and cool. There’s also gym clothes and more bags and shoes done there. Also the clothing that is on sale is down there as well and if you look hard enough you will find something you like in that big section.

So there it is, my favorite place. From the feeling of independence this place gives me to the four floors of heaven, this place will forever bring me happiness. I could be in the worst mood on my way to this place but once I step foot in here I am a happy person.

Astoria Park: my one special place.

Although I haven’t been to many places, I love to always visit new ones, learn about them and get different experiences from each one. There are places that are not necessarily the best ones to be physically in but the emotions you experienced were wonderful and suddenly they become the favorite place you can think of. Other places you just fall in love with them because of their nice location or environment that make you feel a deep connection. For me, Astoria Park is definitely one of my favorite places in New York City and I think not only mine but to many others as well. According to the article “The Happiest and Saddest Places o New York City, According to Twitter” by Brian Merchant, the New England Complex Systems Institute reports that Astoria Park ranks between the top 10 happiest places of New York.

When I came to the United States 5 years ago I first lived in Ozone Park, Queens. I lived there for a year and then moved to Astoria when I was going into high school. I moved just a block away from the park, and I remember when I saw it for the first time in the summer. I was standing right in front of it, looking side to side, up and down. I visualized the big green trees and the blooming flowers around it. I thought to myself “This will be the place to be myself”. So, it became like that.

I have experienced so many things in this park that I don’t even know where to start from. In the summer it becomes the most magical place to be in every day. I go there to read, think, exercise, or just lie on the grass and stare at the blue sky thinking about nothing. I remember myself going in the spring to do homework or projects. There was also a period of time where I used to run in the track field every night, or go to practice in the day with my school’s soccer club.

Moreover, I used to go there occasionally with my family and friends to just spend an afternoon having a picnic and chatting about our lives. Not to forget that I also appreciate the fact that there are always events going on in the park when its summer. I can go watch movies for free on a big screen and lie on the grass and have a relaxed time. Or listen to bands performing in this opened space. There is also a public pool in the park, although I never go its good for my brother because he loves it. Another great thing about it is that there is always a fair in the summer where you can ride some big games and eat sweets until your stomach hurts. In fall and winter I mostly go to walk out some sorrows I may have and just sit on the pavement next to the river observing how it flows. Whether I am happy, stressed, or sad it’s always the one place that I can go to.

Here is a picture of it at day and night! By the way, I took  my profile picture in the park as well.


10736106_1509501702637665_129479855_n (different place in the park)


My happy place

My happy place can be a numerous of places. it can even be the bathroom, while I’m away from my noisy children. a place of comfort, solidarity, peace and quiet or it can be a loud extremely busy place. I guess it really depends on me and what Im feeling at that exact moment. but throughout my 26 years here in New York City, I must say that there is this one place that calms my storms. a place where peace resides and tranquility prevails… and that place would be right under the Brooklyn bridge,on the rocks by the water. 1744 I know that I’m not in the picture but this is the place and symbol of how happy I am when I am there through my children. My happy place with my favorite people. The water can be so calming to my spirit. like music when it beats against the rocks. its as if I’m in communication with mother nature. she sometimes tell me that my waves aren’t as bad as the ones she causes. and then the wind began to roar and the water begins to move. and me,I’m silent and still. she makes me listen. and I leave her with contentment in my soul that I can weather my storms.


I really enjoyed the article ” The Happiest and Saddest places in NYC”. it was both informative and accurate. “Land of Extremes” is what NYC was called. That blew my mind. No words could have fit my home town any better. who would think that the “wealthiest execs and the poorest of immigrants” can come from the same jungle. its a harsh reality that we live with everyday. the wealthy walk past the homeless, while they’re seated in front of their lavish apartments begging for money and or food. its the world that we live in today. the people who die from starvation never had the money to eat but the wealthy had the money for treats. there’s a huge contrast between some of the people who reside here. but none the less, we make the best out of it all.I think its great that they’re using the research as a “suggestion box” so that they know where the issues are that should be addressed. but what about the people who don’t use twitter, or who cant even afford to use a tool for social media!? where is their happiness/saddness recorded!?

My Happy Place

Although it may sound boring my happy place is definitely my room. I tried to think of different places I have visited recently and in my past and although I have been to some interesting places in New York City, my room is my happiest. It’s the only place I have my own space and I can do whatever I want. I like having my own space and a place to think or just relax and my room is the perfect place for me to do that. Of course sometimes I want to get out and do things but I never get tired of coming home to my room! I have everything I could ever need to survive in there! I can watch movies, blast my music, read, eat etc.

When I was younger I always had to share rooms with my sister. We had bunk beds then we both had our individual beds but we were still in the same room. We don’t have a big age difference but we still both needed our space. Especially since at the time we were sharing we were at that stage where we hated each other. We spent so much time together it was unbearable! (only kidding) But now that we each have our own space to do what we want and breathe, we are really close. How ironic. I think this is another thing that contributes to me loving my room so much.

What makes being in my room enjoyable besides what I already stated is when my friends or cousins come over. Although they touch all my stuff, we always have fun whether it’s watching movies or just talking about stuff that’s bothering us or currently going on with us. We always find something to do when they come over.

I get tired of things easily so I change my room around a lot. My dad has painted my room at least 3 times in the past like 2 years. I always move my bed and dressers around simply because since I spend so much of my time in here whether it’s doing work or hanging out, i’m gonna get tired of seeing it the same exact way. I actually enjoy changing my room around because I change everything from sheets to the stuff I have on my walls or around my room. Everything is up to me and how I decide I want it to look which is cool. The only thing I don’t change in my room is it’s scent. Whether it’s fall or not my favorite scent is apply cinnamon. Although it’s usually thought of as a fall aroma, I have it in my room year around whether it’s spray or candles.

My room is just me. Everything about it is me as a person and who I am. I think it describes me well. It may sound weird or dramatic but it is. As much time as I spend in here I would only imagine it should. Although there are some beautiful historical places in NYC, this is why my room is my favorite.

I Love New York

Ok so as I stated at the beginning of all of this, I was born in Queens, raised in Brooklyn, existed holistically in all of the other boroughs in between. NYC? It’s just beautiful man! We’re talking Canarsie Pier, Manhattan Beach, numerous basketball courts throughout Harlem like Rucker Park where we’ve played basketball against  notables such as Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, John Wall. 140th street and Lenox Ave where we continue to play against local legends. I can go on! However I will land on my most favorite NYC spot ever. This place is romantic, peaceful, it provides me with the ultimate solitude. It’s beautiful during the summer, but it is to die for on a beautiful autumn night. This place is the Brooklyn Promenade in Brooklyn Heights.

I’ve been visiting the promenade since high school. I was invited one afternoon by some friends from another school. We patronized The Promenade Restaurant initially. It was probably the first restaurant I’ve ever patronized and I don’t have to tell you what that’s like. Full, yet adventurous, we decided to explore the area. We’ve heard so much about the Promenade that we had to see for ourselves. The results that were yielded were that of pure awe! From then on one of my life’s goals became to own property around there somewhere where I can simply go to the Promenade to relax and meditate every day, sometimes numerous times a day (lol).

Before I moved my family to Harlem, we used to reside in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. I’d drive to the Promenade, by myself, just to be by myself (we all need that sometimes), ground my thoughts and situations and actually improve upon them. I really love the Promenade, however the reason(s) that I go there is to consolidate my life’s direction. The beautiful thing about getting back to school, is that when I’m feeling a little “scared”, I take a stroll to the Promenade, hit the diner, then walk down to the elevated walk and overlook the South Street Seaport and simply revel in the beauty of it all. That totally calms me.

Of course there are so many other places. I’m a New York dude! Need I say more? They’ve actually improved the infrastructure around there. There’s now a place called Brooklyn Bridge Park in which I’ve visited a time or two. It’s nice. I’ve gone there to run the track a couple of times after a tumultuous day in class. It’s really quite nice, but that serves an entirely different purpose than my beloved promenade. I’m having quite the time uploading images as this isn’t my computer. I promise to do so before Tuesday’s due. Great sharing that with you all. Wow! Was it good for you? For me, it’s certainly worth revisiting…physically, mentally and emotionally.



The Boardwalk of Coney Island



It’s so difficult as a New Yorker to pick a favorite place in New York City. It is much easier for a tourist to pick one. Places in New York seems really normal to me now since I have been here since the day I was born. If I was a tourist I could just name Time Square or any other tourist hotspots. However, I am not a tourist and I don’t want to write about a place everyone knows. I finally come across my childhood life while picking a place as my favorite. The Coney Island Boardwalk is my favorite place to be when I was a child and even now.

The local food is over price, but I still enjoy it. The boardwalk is filled with different small restaurant with old wooden tables for us to sit and eat. I especially enjoy the clam bar where I can see them actually open the shell. I enjoy eating calms while watching the scene of the beach. My favorite place for clams when I’m at the boardwalk is Paul’s Daughter. I love it cause that place have been around since I was a kid and the boss is still the same. He still sit behind the stand and greet the customers every time I go there. They also have a lot more food than just the great raw calms. They got this amazing funnel cake and other coney island signatures like hot dogs I remember a time when I was hanging out with my friends at the Coney Island broad walk, we went to this ice cream shop and we all got different types of ice cream. I then went to another shop and got cheese fries. I love the food.

The boardwalk of Coney Island had been around for many years and even before I was born. I enjoy the old look. It feels like there is history and not just something that is made two years ago. sometimes I wonder how is it like if it is the 1900 broadway looks like compare to the 2014 one. I hope to see the same and also expect the differences.

The summer is filled with fireworks. During the summer. Every Friday, there is fireworks for like 15 minutes. I can just stand on the Coney Island boardwalk and expect a wonderful visual display of colors shooting up the sky.

Walking on the boardwalk, you can also spot a lot of entertainment. People sing and people dancing. It is really festival everyday at the broad walk.

During the winter time, it might not be the best time to be, but I went and I found how delighted it can be when it just a few people. It cold but yet really calming listening to the ocean waves.

In conclusion, the boardwalk of Coney Island has history, food, festivals and much more. It’s a place to be when it hot, it’s a place to be when you want to eat, and a place to hang out with friends and family.

My Favorite Place in NYC



It is very difficult to pick simply one place to be called my “favorite” place in New York City. Many people may pick a fancy place, an exotic place, park, busy areas but I would not say that any of those places are my favorite place. To say that something is my favorite place is very significant. It is a very important title to give to one specific thing. Anyhow, my favorite place is my friends house.

I chose my friends house as my favorite place for a variety of reasons. I mainly enjoy being there because it is always a full house. There is no boredom over there.

I am an only child living with just my mother. We do not live with any family members or even have any pets living with us. To get out and go to a full house with a pet it a complete 180 degree turn from my original lifestyle. It is a great escape from a tedious household. However, it is a huge benefit because when I get tired of the full house concept, I can always go home.

My friends house is a great place to be. If I want to be social or try to work on anything, someone is always there to help or advise me. There is a variety of things everyone can put in. It is a wide range of opinions which can be very helpful. It has a little of everything simple yet enjoyable. The little things in life makes me happy.

There are so many things to do over there at my friends house. Even though simply hanging out with one friend in the house all day may sound boring or to “be bored together” to me, it is not. It is all of the little moments that takes place.

The little moments and memories shared are the most amazing happiest feelings in the world. To know that you can escape and get away to a completely different environment and always go back to your original environment is to me, the happiest place in the world.

It is somewhat difficult to constantly adapt to that kind of environment when compared to the type of environment I was brought up in. To constantly shift is not difficult after a period of time after getting used to it.

Even though I ultimately prefer my peace and quiet environment. I do enjoy all of the moments shared. I enjoy all of the memories created that will last forever. All of those moments created over a long period of time at my friends house will always make me happy when I look back at it. It is truly my favorite place away from home in New York City.

Favorite Place in NYC

What a Happy Place!

All over the world there are places that people can go where they can feel happy. It can be a restaurant, a park, a store, or even a train station. After being asked this question I started to thoroughly think about what is one place in this whole wide world that makes me happy. Living in New York City for so long makes that so much more complicated. Seeing as there are many places that I enjoy going to and take pleasure in being there, I just couldn’t come to just one conclusion. I thought about all the places I ever been and I finally came to a conclusion. The place that makes me the happiest when I am there is in a place that both my friends and family are. It could be at a party, a dinner or a reunion. Once it contains my family and my closes friends I am 100% happy. When I am around them I feel like nothing can go wrong. Love is in the air, everybody is laughing playing and just having fun. Moments like that is what I enjoy the most. Being around people that truly loves you and will be always there for you is something that everyone should enjoy. I wouldn’t trade for that for the world. If my friends and family is there I am too!