My Happy Place

Although it may sound boring my happy place is definitely my room. I tried to think of different places I have visited recently and in my past and although I have been to some interesting places in New York City, my room is my happiest. It’s the only place I have my own space and I can do whatever I want. I like having my own space and a place to think or just relax and my room is the perfect place for me to do that. Of course sometimes I want to get out and do things but I never get tired of coming home to my room! I have everything I could ever need to survive in there! I can watch movies, blast my music, read, eat etc.

When I was younger I always had to share rooms with my sister. We had bunk beds then we both had our individual beds but we were still in the same room. We don’t have a big age difference but we still both needed our space. Especially since at the time we were sharing we were at that stage where we hated each other. We spent so much time together it was unbearable! (only kidding) But now that we each have our own space to do what we want and breathe, we are really close. How ironic. I think this is another thing that contributes to me loving my room so much.

What makes being in my room enjoyable besides what I already stated is when my friends or cousins come over. Although they touch all my stuff, we always have fun whether it’s watching movies or just talking about stuff that’s bothering us or currently going on with us. We always find something to do when they come over.

I get tired of things easily so I change my room around a lot. My dad has painted my room at least 3 times in the past like 2 years. I always move my bed and dressers around simply because since I spend so much of my time in here whether it’s doing work or hanging out, i’m gonna get tired of seeing it the same exact way. I actually enjoy changing my room around because I change everything from sheets to the stuff I have on my walls or around my room. Everything is up to me and how I decide I want it to look which is cool. The only thing I don’t change in my room is it’s scent. Whether it’s fall or not my favorite scent is apply cinnamon. Although it’s usually thought of as a fall aroma, I have it in my room year around whether it’s spray or candles.

My room is just me. Everything about it is me as a person and who I am. I think it describes me well. It may sound weird or dramatic but it is. As much time as I spend in here I would only imagine it should. Although there are some beautiful historical places in NYC, this is why my room is my favorite.