My happy place

My happy place can be a numerous of places. it can even be the bathroom, while I’m away from my noisy children. a place of comfort, solidarity, peace and quiet or it can be a loud extremely busy place. I guess it really depends on me and what Im feeling at that exact moment. but throughout my 26 years here in New York City, I must say that there is this one place that calms my storms. a place where peace resides and tranquility prevails… and that place would be right under the Brooklyn bridge,on the rocks by the water. 1744 I know that I’m not in the picture but this is the place and symbol of how happy I am when I am there through my children. My happy place with my favorite people. The water can be so calming to my spirit. like music when it beats against the rocks. its as if I’m in communication with mother nature. she sometimes tell me that my waves aren’t as bad as the ones she causes. and then the wind began to roar and the water begins to move. and me,I’m silent and still. she makes me listen. and I leave her with contentment in my soul that I can weather my storms.


I really enjoyed the article ” The Happiest and Saddest places in NYC”. it was both informative and accurate. “Land of Extremes” is what NYC was called. That blew my mind. No words could have fit my home town any better. who would think that the “wealthiest execs and the poorest of immigrants” can come from the same jungle. its a harsh reality that we live with everyday. the wealthy walk past the homeless, while they’re seated in front of their lavish apartments begging for money and or food. its the world that we live in today. the people who die from starvation never had the money to eat but the wealthy had the money for treats. there’s a huge contrast between some of the people who reside here. but none the less, we make the best out of it all.I think its great that they’re using the research as a “suggestion box” so that they know where the issues are that should be addressed. but what about the people who don’t use twitter, or who cant even afford to use a tool for social media!? where is their happiness/saddness recorded!?