My Happy Place.

When I walk into this place my problems seem to disappear. I become happy and ready to explore. The place that makes me feel this way is Forever 21, specifically the one in Times Square. I love this specific Forever 21 out of all the other ones the most is because it has four floors. Other stores have one or two floors but this one has FOUR. The main reason this place brings me joy because since getting a job I am able to buy things on my own, I no longer need to ask anymore. This play always gave me joy because now knowing that I am able to buy what I want, makes this place my favorite place. I loved the store before my job, but going to a store without money is torture. Having to look at all the beauty and knowing you can’t buy it hurts. So now when I come here I have the option of buying something if I want to.

So the first floor is the kind of preppy clothing. I’ve noticed every time I go with someone they never want to look in the first floor, I’ve never understood that. I think it’s best to look on every floor, you’ll never what you might find despite which floor. I like to give every floor a chance. The thing about this store, it get’s better with each floor. So the second floor is split up in different sections based on the types of clothes. There’s the pajamas and comfortable clothing, the bags, the working clothes, the lingerie, jewelry and then one section for everyday wear. I love the fact that they do this because it’s allowing so much just on one floor and there’s so much different stuff to look at.

The third floor is also divided into section based on clothes. There’s the clothes for guys, the kids, jeans, plus size, and night out clothing. One would be surprised, there are some nice stuff in the boys section if you actually look. I really like just looking in the boys section because there stuff is more comfortable. I like to feel comfortable in my clothing and nowadays everything for girls is cut short, which I hate. Even sweaters, something meant to keep us warm is cut. I really hope that trend stops because it’s not cute, not even in the summer. I love the fact that there is a plus size section, I love getting my jeans from there because sometimes the regular jeans don’t fit me. This is the only Forever 21 I’ve been to with a plus size section. It’s good because not everyone fits the regular clothing and it’s good to have one there.

Finally the last floor, where I usually always find what I’m looking for or just find the best stuff. The last floor is more urban and cool. There’s also gym clothes and more bags and shoes done there. Also the clothing that is on sale is down there as well and if you look hard enough you will find something you like in that big section.

So there it is, my favorite place. From the feeling of independence this place gives me to the four floors of heaven, this place will forever bring me happiness. I could be in the worst mood on my way to this place but once I step foot in here I am a happy person.