What a Happy Place!

All over the world there are places that people can go where they can feel happy. It can be a restaurant, a park, a store, or even a train station. After being asked this question I started to thoroughly think about what is one place in this whole wide world that makes me happy. Living in New York City for so long makes that so much more complicated. Seeing as there are many places that I enjoy going to and take pleasure in being there, I just couldn’t come to just one conclusion. I thought about all the places I ever been and I finally came to a conclusion. The place that makes me the happiest when I am there is in a place that both my friends and family are. It could be at a party, a dinner or a reunion. Once it contains my family and my closes friends I am 100% happy. When I am around them I feel like nothing can go wrong. Love is in the air, everybody is laughing playing and just having fun. Moments like that is what I enjoy the most. Being around people that truly loves you and will be always there for you is something that everyone should enjoy. I wouldn’t trade for that for the world. If my friends and family is there I am too!