I Love New York

Ok so as I stated at the beginning of all of this, I was born in Queens, raised in Brooklyn, existed holistically in all of the other boroughs in between. NYC? It’s just beautiful man! We’re talking Canarsie Pier, Manhattan Beach, numerous basketball courts throughout Harlem like Rucker Park where we’ve played basketball againstĀ  notables such as Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, John Wall.Ā 140th street and Lenox Ave where we continue to play against local legends. I can go on! However I will land on my most favorite NYC spot ever. This place is romantic, peaceful, it provides me with the ultimate solitude. It’s beautiful during the summer, but it is to die for on aĀ beautiful autumn night. This place is the Brooklyn Promenade in Brooklyn Heights.

I’ve been visiting the promenade since high school. I was invited one afternoon by some friends from another school. We patronized The Promenade Restaurant initially. It was probably the first restaurant I’ve ever patronized and I don’t have to tell you what that’s like. Full, yet adventurous, we decided to explore the area. We’ve heard so much about the PromenadeĀ that we had to see for ourselves. The results that were yielded were that of pure awe! From then on one of my life’s goals became to own property around there somewhere where I can simply go to the Promenade to relax and meditate every day, sometimes numerous times a day (lol).

Before I moved my family to Harlem, we used to reside in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. I’d drive to the Promenade, by myself, just toĀ be by myself (we all need that sometimes), ground my thoughts and situations and actually improve upon them. I really love the Promenade, however the reason(s) that I go there is to consolidate my life’s direction. The beautiful thing about getting back to school, is that when I’m feeling a little “scared”, I take a stroll to the Promenade, hit the diner, then walk down to the elevated walk and overlook theĀ South Street Seaport and simply revel in the beauty of it all. That totally calms me.

Of course there are so many other places. I’m a New York dude! Need I say more? They’ve actually improved the infrastructure around there. There’s now a place called Brooklyn Bridge Park in which I’ve visited a time or two. It’s nice. I’ve gone there to run the trackĀ a couple of times after a tumultuous day in class. It’s really quite nice, but that serves an entirely different purpose than my beloved promenade. I’m having quite the time uploading images as this isn’t my computer. I promise to do so before Tuesday’s due. Great sharing that with you all. Wow! Was it good for you? For me, it’s certainly worth revisiting…physically, mentally and emotionally.