Saturation Studies: Phase 1

The first one is the normal one that i filled colored in.  I was gonna do a candy color circle with many other candies, but i ended up choosing m&ms, one of my favorite snacks with and it has a variety of colors that works well with the color wheel.

Saturation Studies: Phase 1

My idea to relate my topic with colors is using with something called anime and I want to test something that I can use the available color to describe each character feature and/ or personality. It was very challenging thing because it’s very difficult for me to remember and decide what character I should choose and the only that I watched before so I can’t just choose a random character without knowing who they are . Overall, it came out great and I did quite enjoy thinking back.


1-2 days

Saturation Studies: Phase 1

My Color Wheel StarterColor Wheel

For the first phase of this project, I ended up searching up for different flowers to fit within their respected colors.  At first, I was unsure on what to use to create my color wheel, after a bit of thought though I had decided on flowers do to its relation to my own name.

Worked on for half an hour.