Avatar and Bio

  I’m Sam, and all i pretty much do is draw. As of late I’ve mostly been doing Fine arts, and some creative work on the side. My passions is art, whether it be 2-d work, sculptural or film, it’s all i want to do, and i can’t think of doing anything else. Recently my inspiration has shifted form people and anatomy to nature and texture. My main goal is to build up a better portfolio so that i can apply to art school, either LCAD or RISD. Further than that , my absolute dream would be to work for an animation company (Laika) and help create stop-motion films.

The avatar i chose is of yellow-ish gaunt doll, vaguely alien looking, with short red hair, straight bangs, dark sunken in blue eyes and wears a purple shirt, with a tiny smile, out-turned ears and is facing something unseen off to the upper right of the image. The doll is seated in a black bean-bag chair with a tye-dye blue pillow to their right. The image itself is low in saturation making the colors look muddy and gray-ish.  I had chosen this image because of a joke i made with a friend, saying that i look a little like a puppet if i made certain face. I saw this image and it immediately  reminded me of myself, not because i look sickly, but by the vibe it gave off, the doll looked like it was relaxing and that’s always what i’m trying, and failing, to do.

This image can definitely be misleading, seeing it with out knowing me at all, could give someone the impression that i’m a horror fan, and while that’s a little true, it doesn’t guide my aesthetic that much. I even heard one of my classmates ask if its Chucky, it’s not Chucky, but i have no idea where this image originates from. It could also be interpreted as someone who likes to scare people, some could think i set my icon up as something  “weird” to weird others out, when in actuality i don’t find this icon weird, or creepy or anything else, at all. I think it looks a little bit like me and that’s it, i even have two other puppet related images saved that also share a small resemblance to me. I want this image representing me because while i do connect with it, it also represents my aesthetic, and the type of art and feeling within my art that i try to create. But to add on to something i mentioned earlier, yes i’m trying to relax, i may not look like i am, or sometimes i struggle and maybe it’s obvious, but deep down, i’m okay, i’m an optimist.

My bio, or profile, i feel could be used to connect me with others who also share similar interests with me. I know what it’s suppose to be used for, but in reality i doubt it’ll work like that. And knowing how i’m like, i don’t think many people will take their time to read something that’s 4 paragraphs long. I think that an outsider reading my bio might consider me to be and artist, maybe even a dedicated one.  I’ve established my style, aesthetic, and i’m studying fine arts, i think with this profile i’d like to meet someone who also plans on applying to some of the same colleges i do, because all i do now is think about applying.

Cooper Hewitt Design

Ultrahaptics was the most compelling to me out of all the exhibits at the museum. I found the Ultrahaptics interesting because it caught my eye with it’s monitor and how it showed bubbles and then the ultrasonic audio waves where you can feel what is showing on the monitor.
[ https://goo.gl/images/hQ3YDJ ]
[ https://goo.gl/images/AYnARP ]

Ultrahaptics ( Bristol, UK, founded 2013 )

The materials used to create the work is Ultrahaptic transducer array, motion sensor, monitor, electronics.