Class Notes 12/5: Work on Project #4

As we discussed in class on Tuesday, today’s class session is an opportunity for you to continue working on Project #4. You can work in the classroom, in the library, in the G600 computer labs, the lab in the Learning Center, or elsewhere. If you have questions, ask your classmates, or reply here or email me and I’ll check back after my conference presentation is over.

Please refer to the Class Notes for 12/3 for more information about how to organize Part 4 of Project #4, and for other information about the project and the rest of the semester.

To submit Project #4, please post Part 3 and Part 4 separately, and use the tags Part 3 and Part 4, respectively. For both, use the category ENG1101 Project #4. The deadline is currently the end of the day today, 12/5. If you have questions or concerns about that or anything else, please reach out to me.

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