Designer statement

part 3


Belen Vazquez currently attends City Tech in Brooklyn NY. She decided to start and continue studying graphic design, she’d thought it’d be a great idea to be able to study a field in which she can create Art and her main goal is to “informed the uninformed” . Her background nationality is Mexican and she dreams to be able to create Art world wide.

A designer statement is a statement written for the audience to read and It is usually there as reference to guide the audience on the piece of work displayed. The artist usually writes a statement talking about the process on how it was done or what materials were being used the artist can also talk about their purpose to creating their work. It may have a background and or. a message to it

my designer statement

My art work is based of color text and images , the images that I used are mostly wrong images full of color and by using photoshop I was able to add effects to certain images.The purpose of my piece of work was to combine a book that describes me and my interest In the design/art field. I am strongly attracted to color and light. so that’s what this book is mostly created by . the message I aspire to send out to the audience is happiness and comfort. to be able to see my work and receive good vibes, and inform the uninformed.

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