Homework due 10/1: Project #2 complete draft

In class on Thursday, 9/26, we agreed that everyone would post a complete draft of Project #2 by the end of the day on Tuesday. You should each:

  • write a post, using the category ENG 1101 Project #2 and the tag complete draft
  • include your complete draft in that post! That means it includes
    • your introductory paragraph (written in the voice of the interviewer)
    • the avatar question and your answer
    • the other 4 questions you’ve chosen and your answers
    • (it’s up to you how to order the 5 questions and answers)
    • images you want to include, in the same kind of way that our sample interview included images
  • After the Tuesday end-of-day deadline for posts, start commenting!
    • respond to at least 2 classmates
    • let them know what is working well, what seems unclear or incomplete, or any other ideas you have for their final revision
    • help classmates incorporate any new vocabulary you’ve learned in either ENG 1101 or COMD 1100 (or other COMD courses) if you see a way to fit it in!
  • Questions for me? Ask them here as a comment.

I’m really looking forward to reading these drafts! We’re almost done with Project #2!

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  1. My Avatar is a sunset that I took a picture of. Sunsets are very beautiful to look at and set a nice mellow vibe; at times when viewing a sunset it helps me clear my mind off things. I chose the sunset because I’m a calm person that just likes to relax at times and that’s what I can relate to the vibe I get from a sunset. The blue and orange skies complement each other well, since they’re complimentary colors. lastly the buildings give off a nice unified structure with the dark shadows creating that contrast.

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