Writer’s statement

The ideas of discourse communities, genres and rhetoric make sense to me and it is very useful concept as well. As by learning discourse communities, we came to learn about diversities of different cultural People and different society. Discourse communities helps you to introduce yourself with different environment and culture and teach to adopt it for a better future. On the other hand genres is a part of our life and from early childhood, we are very acquainted with different types of genres and till now the genre is a big part in our life. Within the evaluation of time genres changes but still plays an important role in our daily life. In school, I learned about a lot of genres which I didn’t think before but now I know that genres are also very important for writer. Finally, rhetoric is persuasion of speaking and writing. It makes the statement and speech more meaningful and technically well organized and give a shape to the writing. So all of these discourse communities, genres and rhetoric is very important for a writer to enhance their writing skill . If any one of these missing in our life then writing would not be that meaningful and oriented .

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