Final Portfolio 2B

As I have said in my unit 1 report, I would like to think that the teacher’s format they are teaching would in fact be useless. You can’t make a student follow a set of rules you can’t just hinder a person creativity. You have to let that person express his/her emotions. The teaching style that you have taught us has had a huge impact on my writing skills. You go in depth on one’s own writing techniques and you allow for the students to explore and express how she/he feels in this so-called writing piece. You have changed my opinion on writing because back when I was in high-school I never enjoyed writing it just never clicked with me, but once i stepped into your classroom a bright light pondered over my pale face. I knew this class was going to be something special. I started to enjoy writing I never saw it as a task I needed to finish just to get a grade. I saw it as an emotional outlet a place to vent and place to be free. I personally think that I will carry this writing style till my death because without it I won’t be able to express who I am.

Authors Statement

The audience that I chose for my speech were young up and coming boxers working out at a gym. I believe that in catching them when they are just starting out allows for them to not fall into the use of steroids and the need to want to cheat. I believe that with my words and my examples i can instill a good nature in them that will motivate them to achieve their goals the right way and what the consequences of cheating on another man’s life can be, especially with how unforgiving boxing can be. I chose a speech to convey my ideas because i believe it can motivate anyone to do the right thing and motivate them to work hard for their dreams. When boxers are in their corners during a bout, their trainers tend to give motivational speeches in order to rile them up and get them to perform better and i wanted to convey that idea with my speech in order for it to reach them better. I had some trouble coming up with the correct words for motivation and iwas able to go online to look for synonyms that would allow me to use more effective words to help them feel better about themselves. I believe my speech turned out well and i feel that if i were the one receiving the message id feel motivated to achieve my dreams and remain clean throughout my career if i made it to the pros. I would have liked to create a pamphlet because it might have conveyed my message better if i added visuals for the athletes to look at and really reflect on the sort of person they’d want to be.

Artists statement

Kevin Thai

Artists statement

My audience would be parents. Parents shouldn’t worry about  video games because it may in fact be the next big thing. Parents and children have different point of views towards video games. Children likes video games because they are fun and because they can be challenging. You have to solve problems, work out the best moves for your character, and decide how to use your equipment and supplies in the best possible way. Making all these decisions can be exciting and thrilling. Parents on the other hand worry about their children safety and health. Many worry that playing video games might have a bad effect on the way their child behaves. For example, if a video game has lots of fighting in it, they worry that playing it will encourage their child to be violent. They are concerned that their child might always choose to play video game instead of playing outside and getting exercise. Even though you sit still when you read a book, they know that kids can develop good reading skills and learn a lot. Many adults aren’t so sure that kids can learn anything educational from video games. I chose this genre because I wanted to express how gaming could be the next big thing. It is one of the characteristics that I am not afraid to share. I think this project turned out to be a solid piece. It shows how much I love video games and shows how deeply and engrossed I am in them. You parents that are reading this should not worry to much if your child is playing video games. Their have been studies showing that video games can help improve there coordination,problem-solving skills,enhances memory,and improves attention and concentration. Instead of telling your kids to stop playing you should encourage them to play more because they may be a video game pro.

Writer’s statement

The ideas of discourse communities, genres and rhetoric make sense to me and it is very useful concept as well. As by learning discourse communities, we came to learn about diversities of different cultural People and different society. Discourse communities helps you to introduce yourself with different environment and culture and teach to adopt it for a better future. On the other hand genres is a part of our life and from early childhood, we are very acquainted with different types of genres and till now the genre is a big part in our life. Within the evaluation of time genres changes but still plays an important role in our daily life. In school, I learned about a lot of genres which I didn’t think before but now I know that genres are also very important for writer. Finally, rhetoric is persuasion of speaking and writing. It makes the statement and speech more meaningful and technically well organized and give a shape to the writing. So all of these discourse communities, genres and rhetoric is very important for a writer to enhance their writing skill . If any one of these missing in our life then writing would not be that meaningful and oriented .