Discourse Communities, Genres, and Rhetoric makes a lot of sense to me. Is a useful concept that everybody will do, see or probably do in their life. Discourse community is a major part of life, because it can help you to grow as a human being, and to learn a lot of things that can turn helpful to become successful in the future. Genres is an important topic to learn about. Genres has been manipulated greatly over the years and has been used to create a whole new scene of sub-genres, hybrids etc. Even though students are introduced to the concept of genres very early in school, I don’t remember all of them. Rhetoric was one of the main subjects of study in classical times, the art of persuasive speaking (rhetoric) is such an important skill in the academic environment. However, in general all these topics are very important we have always seen them we used them we have pass thru any of them, like discourse community, also, we have favorites genres etc.

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