Throughout the semester, the projects that I have done were interesting and challenging. The first project we did was the Urban Artifacts, I did not get the idea of taking pictures of objects on the street and make it into art, however we did. Throughout each phase, I learned how to create an obvious and ambiguous figure ground relationship and using Photoshop to make a stable and unstable figure ground. What I would do differently, have different objects and recreate the ambiguous composition and make it more chaotic.

The second project was Sound Visualization, I learned how to create a video, animating, and adding sound in Photoshop, it was pretty difficult because it was my first time and I did not know what part of the song I wanted in the video. During this project, I would retry doing the animation again, I feel like it could have been better, and getting each part of the layer in the right place.

In the current project we are working on, Value-Added Portraits, what I learn is making a collage of a portrait in a high key and low key composition. I thought it was really interesting making a collage that was narrow because my photo did not appear anything like my portrait and i had a different perspective. What I would recreate again is my painting, Currently, it is challenging me, because it is hard for me getting the right colors to match the original Broad Range collage.

Urban Artifacts

Sound Visualization

Value-Added Portraits