Throughout the three projects that we have already done, I learn different things and vocabulary. On the first project, I learn about the difference between stable and ambiguous. While one is stand out and one is hard to tell which is the object and which is the ground. Next time if we are doing similar project, I will choose something interesting and  easy to cut out because I had chose the gum on the floor as one of my artifact.

On the second project, the Sound Visualization, I learn how to use photoshop to make gif or video.I have a bit of hard time on the beginning with the program because it is my first time making a video. I will position my piece more on a pattern than just randomly jumping across the screen.

On the one that we are working on right now, I learned about the difference of high key and low key, broad and narrow,and how we can use an black and white portrait of ourself can make some different kind of art piece.What I can do better will be my painting of my broad piece because it is my first time using the gouache paint and I couldn’t mix to the color I want or when the paint is dry, the color show up more darker than I wanted.



Urban Artifacts

Sound Visualization