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Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

What I learn throughout this project is the meaning of the word ambiguous. Ambiguous means having an unclear or inexact interpretation. What I would have done better is pick different artifacts, I think it would have been more interesting than the original image in phase 1.  In this project, I learn to take time processing a phase, such as phase 2 where I change one of my ambiguous photo and added on to it, which I did in phase 3, and take others advice.

Phase 1: Discover / Phase 2: Define / Phase 3: Develop



  1. Val Bailon

    I really liked your artwork! I can relate to you when you said that you didn’t really understand the difference between ambiguous and stable. But overall, great job, the whole motion theme you have going on in both images, caught my attention a lot.

  2. Genique

    This project also gave me a clear understanding of the terms ambiguous and stable.

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