Final review of Project #2

How can you organize Project #2?


Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

Images/media throughout

Do not center the text for all of your answers!


What to include in the introduction? Whose voice are you using when writing it?

Remember, the introduction to the interview is an introduction to the interview! It’s less of a bio than a synthesis of what the interview will reveal about you.

The introduction should include a thesis statement. What is a thesis statement? It’s a sentence (or two) that relates to (but is not the same as)  your topic sentence; it’s the main idea of your writing;  it’s the point you’re trying to get across; it’s a claim; it guides the rest of the writing, maybe even suggesting the order of the piece of writing.

Write a thesis statement that can fit in your introduction to the interview.

For example: Samson is a creative-minded person whose artistic point of view shapes his academic interests in raster and vector graphics and can lead him on his path to a career in graphic design.

Remember, though, that this is usually the last sentence of the i introduction, so it might not begin this way if an earlier sentence already included this information.

  • why?
  • how does he look at things?
  • details help to move from general to specific
  • and how can you have one in this type of writing, since it’s not argument driven?
  • how does this fit into the whole paragraph?


For the assignment as a whole:

What order should your questions and answers go in?

Where should the avatar question go?

What if you have more than 5 questions?

You can revise a question, not just an answer!

For example, if you want to revise “What is your avatar, and how does it represent you” to “What is your avatar, and how does it represent your design skills?” you can do that.

Remember to show things in a positive light!

What is the purpose of this writing, both for our course and within the fiction of the assignment?

why? to better serve 1st year students; as a first record of goals to reevaluate later in the college career; as a showcase of the work students in the department can do; a celebration of the work you’re already able to do.

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