Project #2: Interview Draft

Elijah Castra

Elijah Castra is an American born, 18-year old who is embarking on his journey through the world of design & content creation. He is the 2nd oldest of 4 children ( one older brother, one younger brother, and one younger sister). Ever since around the age of 2, Elijah has been drawing random doodles or anything that has caught his eye. And even till now he’s watch videos on how to draw things and drew it exactly as depicted with his own flair. He’s had many people doubt and criticize some of his passions but to that he says “use hatred as a fuel to propel you forward, not as a force to knock you back. Currently, Elijah is now in college under the major of communication design (COMD) as he learns new skills and see where it leads him to.

Question 1: Why did you choose this major?

I chose communication design to be the major I wanted to study during my time at college because i feel it caters the best to what I wanna do in life afterwards. I wanna become either a graphic designer or a video game designer or maybe even a combination of both. And through this major I can make this happen. Communication design can help me develop the necessary skills to help make my dream a reality.

Question 2: Can You see Yourself doing anything else?

Well if I’m being honest yes I can see myself doing something else. Another dream I gave that id love to pursue would be becoming a Youtuber/ Streamer or as a broader term to use,  A Content Creator. Yes as silly as it may sound to some that’s something I would love to do and always have for many years now, maybe even a decade. With that career I could do a wide variety of things I could make videos of me traveling the world and trying out foods or visiting exotic places, me playing games, drawing tutorials, etc…As I am in college I am currently working towards this career sort of at the same time trying to be as versatile with my “craft” and doing a wide range of things. But if it didn’t pertain to design primarily. I would say a career I can see myself doing would be acting.

Question 3: Do You Prefer working by yourself or in a group environment?

This is a tough question to answer because while I do enjoy working with other people, at the same time if find it hard to “rely” on a group of people to do the task the group was assigned on time and be willing to function in 1 cohesive manner. Essentially what I’m saying is I prefer working in a group environment (kinda have to be with the major we are in), but majority of the time I feel as if the situations at hand push me towards working by myself. Also I feel the answer to this question can be different in on a day-to-day basis because it can be very situational as well as working in both environments have their own pros and cons.

Question 4: What catches your eye when looking at other people’s work?

I would have to say that just seeing different people’s pets elective on their drawings has to be what catches me first. Everyone has their own unique style of art and the way they perceive things and that’s just always been something that seemed fascinating to me. Which is one of the most interesting parts of design or maybe even the most interesting. For example, in my foundation drawing class we had to each draw our bedrooms (with the things inside it placed as they are). And he’s everyone’s room will look different as well as the physical items by default because we all possess different things. But when we came to class the next week with our drawings (it’s a once a week class)almost everyone drew their room in a different perspective/ orientation and you kind of got a sense for everyone’s style of drawing/ design. But an overall analysis would be that I am very interested in the attention to detail and precision that people put into their work as well as the drive and passion they have for designing and creation.

Question 5: Why Did You Choose This as Your Avatar?

My avatar is a picture of 2 characters from an anime known as “The Seven Deadly Sins.” I choose this as my avatar because from the picture you can see that it’s split down the middle ,showing half of each characters face on opposite sides. But the way how the picture is shown it depicts the characters faces to be symmetrical to one another as their eyes, eyebrows, nose,etc… all line up with each other. And in relation to myself I picked it because I feel as if it represents me not only as a designer but also as an individual. Bring it is 2 different characters I’d say that it represents 2 thoughts or voices in my head that help me reason/ interpret things. Another thing would have to be that as a designer I love the art style and the way the characters look and act.



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