Unit 1_revised

My goals for college is to now find motivation to continue going through with it. Recently, getting by is not enough for me because I have started losing the motivation to even go to school in the first place. In order for me to “get through it with no complications and unnecessary things happening,” I need to find my own reasoning for going to school otherwise it is all a wasted effort. By this I mean that not having a personal concrete goal as to what I want in the future is holding me back from being able to get the motivation that I need. I had said before that I “ultimately just want to get out of school”; this will be a long journey without something to pull me towards the end, drifting through college may work for some people but it seems this approach will not get the job done with me.

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These two things, my plastation 4 and the recording studio, are some reasons why I just have no interest in school at the moment. Recently getting myself into making music has made me feel really good about it like it was something meant to be but I am not such a dreamer that I would drop out to pursue music when it has such a hit- or- miss audience to it. I also just like playing games with my friends a lot and enjoying games that are pleasing both visually and gameplay wise.

My goals for after college are still unclear and I feel that this is the reason for my sudden uninterest in school. I am well aware that doesn’t sound too promising for someone who is already attending college but right now it is what it is; something like that cannot be determined over night and will not just come to mind out of no where. Going with the flow isn’t the proper approach for me anymore, with that being said, I still have not a single clue as to what goal I should pursue. I would like to continue in my computer science major and see if it will produce any interest to me in that field of work.

Writing fits into both of these because I know I will have to be a well enough writer to get through college as quickly as I want to. Writing also fits into what my new hobby is all about, making rap music isn’t always all broken up words and made up words. The more things that I know, the more I will be able to write and put my experiences into the proper words needed to convey what I would want to show.

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