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The reason of choosing this topic is I want to be an entrepreneur and I feel that it gives an opportunity to invest my time to do something what I love to do. My assumptions about this was it’s an online based business which just require internet but it also requires  to build up a network of communication with customers.

Online businesses are getting popular day by day as it is easy to start an online business than start a business. It also gives opportunity to everyone to start it whenever and wherever they live. For example- most of the makeup companies are also based mostly online nowadays, as it is easy to purchase makeup online by following few steps. According to Forbes magazine, Kylie Jenner is the youngest billionaire of 2019. The reason behind her success mostly depends on online business which is based on makeup that featured her name. According to Kylie , she started to get more customers just to promote her business online like Snapchat, Instagram.In rural areas you can startup an online business and reach anyone around the world. Even in developing countries like Bangladesh, most of young women and housewives are involving in online business via Facebook and selling cosmetics,makeups,dresses and also involving in free lancing, web development and earning some extra money. Also women entrepreneurs  are getting recognized and starting selling their creative products either an art, home decor via online. For example-Etsy become very well recognized websites for selling and buying creative products .

The more I investigated about online business I find out it is a business based on building a network by using modern devices like laptop,mobile, iPad, desktops and also an easy way to earn money without working for long hours and less difficult circumstances.

The thing that surprised me is how online business is having huge impact on women entrepreneurs and young boy and girl and influencing them to involve in it. My opinion about the topic is same but I still have some questions like how to improve the communication with potential customers and how to improve business just to cope up with other business competitors. After learning about online business it has a very good impact on me that in future it will open up thousand more opportunities for our new generation.

The thing I did for revision is I check my spell mistake by autocorrect and also grammar mistakes by using an app Grammarly . And also I tried to be specific about my audience and put my report in a correct sequential order as I was advised to do so and also write my opinion and analysis.

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