A Letter to my Professor

Dear Professor Blain,

This was certainly one of my more interesting classes that i had so far, i personally didn’t start out too hot and the missed days did not make that any better for me but all in all i felt that it was the first English class ever in which i could actually write in the messy way that i am comfortable with and i really appreciated that because i dint feel like i was bound by the same format that i had to follow all my life. I am unsure if that was good for me however as i feel that my future professors will want me to go back to that old format but i am certainly happy that you provided that freedom for me because i never did like writing because of all of its rules but you said screw the rules just say whats on your mind no matter how it comes out and i really appreciated that so much. I will certainly take away from this class that despite me not ever liking writing, i will always think back to the short time period in which i actually felt comfortable writing. I am also forever grateful for the new things i learned such as writers block because it will further confuse me down the line but i know having it introduced to me will only make me a better writer will strive to try and learn these skills better, I also need work on citing but that’s another story. My view on writing has remained the same because i know that there are still so many forms out there so i will always feel confused and bound to rules of writing but i really thank you for providing me with a sense of security in the way i think and being able to actually present something in that format.



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