Revision: I tried to emphasize my points of how much more dangerous cheating is in boxing and trying to develop my evidence to tie back to my initial topic of cheaters within the history of boxing. I also added a conclusion to tie all of my claims and ideas together to solidify this individual report on cheaters in boxing.

Boxing Scandals

Many times throughout the history of boxing, many individuals have tried to reach the top of the ranking lists through cheat and deception, tainting the sport of boxing.

BIlly Collins Jr. v.s Luis Resto Controversy

Welterweights Luis Resto (20-8-2, eight KOs) and Billy Collins Jr. (14-0-0, 11 KOs) faced each other at Madison Square Garden on the undercard of the Roberto Duran-Davey Moore bout.  To pretty much everyone’s surprise, journeyman-fighter Resto won a 10-round unanimous decision.

Suspicions aroused by the devastating injuries his son suffered to his face in general and eyes in particular, trainer Billy Sr. found an opportunity to examine Resto’s gloves, noting their thinness.  The New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) confirmed the father’s suspicions, determining that someone had removed at least an ounce of padding from the gloves.

Thus, the Resto-Collins match was essentially a one-sided, bare-fisted beat down.

My Analysis: It was very sad reading something like this and witnessing a crime happening within a sport i cherish so much. Billy Collins was a rising prospect that despite fighting a basically bear-fisted man, he did not get knocked out at any point. It really puts into perspective how he could have become a legend for boxing. People like Luis Resto deserve to be in jail for their whole life because they are putting other fighter’s lives in danger.

Luis Resto vs. Billy Collins Jr. – The Sweet Science turned sour


Sugar Shane Mosley

Article: NEW YORK — “Sugar” Shane Mosley told a grand jury in 2003 that he injected himself with the doping agent EPO as he prepared for a fight against Oscar De La Hoya, according to court transcripts and doping calendars reviewed by the New York Daily News.

My reaction: It’s very sad when professionals openly admit to cheating and have no repercussions. In the boxing world, an athlete that admits to PED use only gets a 6 month ban and that is a very minor punishment for an athlete that is enhancing their body to give them an unfair advantage on a world stage and competition. I believe that they should have a far harsher punishment for these offences.


I believe cheating will never truly be eliminated from sports as athletes will always give up their images in order to make more money and giving themselves unfair advantages which in turn puts the life of another man at risk. I hope that one day they will see the consequences that their actions can do, in order to one day prevent another case like Billy Collins Jr.

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