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Sports has always had its fair share of controversies, From players caught cheating to the very stadium they are playing in. Sports has always been in a special place in people hearts but outrageous circumstances or reoccurring problems within sports have tarnished the name of sports. Today we discuss some of the most controversial stories in sports and the connects between each other.



Basketball Injuries


  1. Zion Williamson’s knee injury (shoe blown out)


Duke freshman Zion Williamson will make his long-awaited return from his knee injury on Thursday as the Blue Devils open up ACC Tournament play vs. Syracuse at 9 p.m. in the quarterfinals. Williamson missed all of the last five games recovering from a Grade 1 mild right knee sprain he sustained on Feb. 20 in the opening minute against rival North Carolina Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski has anticipated Williamson would return for the first game of the postseason. Krzyzewski earlier this week said it was likely he would play in the ACC Tournament, given the trajectory of his rehab and where he stood from a physical standpoint. “The way he looks right now it’s just a matter of getting in game shape” he said after Duke fell to North Carolina on Saturday.


My Analysis: At first I was very shocked to see a young basketball player like me get injured like that. The how how it happened looked very suspicious but then again I thought about him being 275 pounds running at full speed. There were many conversations about NIKE and the Nba player whose shoe it was. Paul George, the Small Forward of the Oklahoma City Thunder, the player had which owned the shoe Zion was wearing, had to say that the shoes functions weren’t supposed to be weak. His shoes were designed for impacts like that but unfortunately Zion suffered a gruesome injury due to the lack


Lakers not making the playoffs (Lebrons groin injury)


Stephen A. Smith is very concerned about LeBron James’ injury and how it affects the Los Angeles Lakers going into the playoffs and their ability to recruit big-name stars like Anthony Davis or Kevin Durant.


My Analysis: Me knowing Lebron is the best player in the world right now I’ve had no worries about him. Everytime he gets injured he would get back even better and stronger due to his high work ethic on the court and off the court.


  1. Most common NBA injury is a sprained ankle


The sprained ankle is the most typical basketball injury at any level.  Players are cutting back and forth, with puts extreme pressure on ankles, which are not strong to begin with. Players also frequently land on each other’s feet, which rolls the ankle in a very dangerous way. Simply put, ankles are the most fragile commodity on the basketball court


My Analysis: Me knowing how injuries are in basketball, I once suffered an ankle injury.. Well multiple times. But I’ve never broken any bones or tore any ligaments thank god. But a sprained ankle is a pain when you know you want to just play ball. Knowing you have to go back to the locker room after the injury sucks. The legs are the most vulnerable body part to injure in basketball.


  1. Current Nba Injuries


My Analysis: About half of the Nba is injured currently and its team threatening. Meaning the players injuries can cost the team a lot of games and money. Most of these injuries are sprained ankles or personal reasons why they are out. Most players are resting for the playoffs so they can be at top shape when the time comes around.




Boxing Scandals


Many times throughout the history of boxing, many individuals have tried to reach the top of the ranking lists through cheat and deception, tainting the sport of boxing.

BIlly Collins Jr. v.s Luis Resto Controversy


Welterweights Luis Resto (20-8-2, eight KOs) and Billy Collins Jr. (14-0-0, 11 KOs) faced each other at Madison Square Garden on the undercard of the Roberto Duran-Davey Moore bout.  To pretty much everyone’s surprise, journeyman-fighter Resto won a 10-round unanimous decision.

Suspicions aroused by the devastating injuries his son suffered to his face in general and eyes in particular, trainer Billy Sr. found an opportunity to examine Resto’s gloves, noting their thinness.  The New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) confirmed the father’s suspicions, determining that someone had removed at least an ounce of padding from the gloves.

Thus, the Resto-Collins match was essentially a one-sided, bare-fisted beat down.

My Analysis: It was very sad reading something like this and witnessing a crime happening within a sport i cherish so much. Billy Collins was a rising prospect that despite fighting a basically bear-fisted man, he did not get knocked out at any point. It really puts into perspective how he could have become a legend for boxing. People like Luis Resto deserve to be in jail for their whole life because they are putting other fighter’s lives in danger.


Sugar Shane Mosley


Article: NEW YORK — “Sugar” Shane Mosley told a grand jury in 2003 that he injected himself with the doping agent EPO as he prepared for a fight against Oscar De La Hoya, according to court transcripts and doping calendars reviewed by the New York Daily News.


My reaction: It’s very sad when professionals openly admit to cheating and have no repercussions. In the boxing world, an athlete that admits to PED use only gets a 6 month ban and that is a very minor punishment for an athlete that is enhancing their body to give them an unfair advantage on a world stage and competition. I believe that they should have a far harsher punishment for these offences.



Barry Lamar Bonds use of steroids



There are many reasons why I have taken this issue. I just wants to show how the government should sway their priorities from Barry to real issues that if not tented to can permanently alter our lives. The Barry Bonds scandal has been a large story in the media for some time now. This dispute of his suspected steroid use and how he has artificially broken Hank Aaron’s home run record has left the public in an uproar. I have made a point to read about Barry Bonds and I have reflected on how should be read by anyone who cares about the America’s future. If such issues as this are to be the headlines then we are headed to our downfall. Changes to the government dealings have to be made and morals need to be reestablished.


N.A “Barry Bonds Statistics and History” . Baseball References. N.d. Web


In this web, it list history of Barry Bonds from when he was born, to his hometown as well as his records in his baseball career. It provides his recognitions, awards received, honors and other appearances while still in MLB. Since his first draft, every statistic from batting, and other position is available to the end of his career. There is also statistics of what could make him the Hall of Fame from different reasons, but not having the award.





“Victor Conte: Barry Bonds’ drug use” Graham Bensinger 2017

Victor Conte tells about the illegal drugs Barry Bonds took, how he feels responsible for all of

the athletes who came under investigation as a result of the BALCO raid and offers his input on Bonds’ dramatic home run uptick and gaining significant weight in one offseason. The intended audience is everybody, directed to anyone who wants to know more about the problem of Barry Bonds.



  • BARRY BONDS TIMELINE Editors.  “Barry Bonds Bibliography”. A&E Television Networks. N.d.


In Barry Bonds’ bibliography, it begins to discuss Barry Bonds’ background story from where he was born to a brief summary of what he was known for. As it discusses his early career with baseball it leads to his fame. In his baseball career, he was breaking records from hitting to later in 2001 breaking the homerun records beating Mark McGwire when he reached 70 home runs. He first denies taking steroids, but began to capture attention after improving his home runs and hittings season after season. Investigations lead to search from Bonds’ trainer to his nutritionist. Although many lawsuits are amongst him, he still denies taking steroids and battles for his Hall of Fame.



Controversy between U.S Men and Women in  soccer.


           In the World we have many issues that we not seek as important I chose this topic not only because its creating problems politically but around the world its been an issue.

           There is many controversial between the wage gap between men and women Traditionally men have dominated the world of sports however in recent year’s women’s sports have become popular and with their new found popularity, women’s sports have evolved into marketable leagues of their own. Although women’s sports took a huge leap forward, women players still don’t receive the same financial compensation for playing the same sports in the same arenas as their male counterparts.Equality between people is what makes the United States of America different from other nations. In the United States professional soccer leagues there is a dearth of gender equality. This can be seen through the gender difference in salary. In 2013, professional women soccer players were yearly being paid $15,000 each, about nine times less than the men.Many professional women soccer players that can’t support themselves off their salary and demand for a equal pay for putting the same amount of effort as men and even getting further in competiton.  This issue does not only have to be spread out among others but be resolved not only in sports but in many other issues were women should be equally treated and payed as men for equal amount of labor.


“Why does the U.S. women’s soccer team get paid less than the men?”

Women as well as men should be payed equally not just by the work they contriubute but because there should be no discrimination against one another everyone is equal and should be treated as such. This text focouses on gender discrimation the U.S women soccer team felt when they played there championship game. This was always an issue but it was never filed , Men were doing equally the same amount of work in the field and champion ship games as women. Fifa awards bonus money for World Cups and the amount of moneyfor the men is greater than for the women. In 2014, the men’s national team with performance bonuses totaling $5,375,000 for losing in the Round of 16, while, in 2015, the USSF provided the women’s national team with only $1,725,000 for winning the entire tournament. Women earned more than three times less than the men while performing better and winning the whole competition.


Data: How does the U.S. women’s soccer team pay compare to the men


In this article it is stated that men as much as women play the same competition but always was a fight for the wages between one another this has happened for a lifetime but this is the first time where this is issued legally and was stated for a complaint. The Women national soccer team gathered in there last game with shirts that said men and women should be treated equally and payed the same nevertheless they are playing the same competiton the Olympic games. The Article shows a data chart where the pay rate is higher for men than women from 2013- present. The article does not only show how womens national team feels but what a proffesional tennis player had to say over this problem.

This Video shows 3 of the Women in the National Team where they were stating what they though was wrong not only the amount they get payed but they have won 4 olympic medals and they still dont get the amount they should for winning such a competitive competition, not only that but they state that they dont get the same leveling field as men do there playing conditions are poorly and increases the amount of injuries and brusing in there body.


World Cup Controversy


Introductory paragraph: I chose the topic because of my passion for soccer. Every four years a world class competition is made and I have a nostalgic connection to it. The World Cup made my family come together to watch 32 national teams face off to lift the elusive world cup trophy. The competition has been a very big part of many people lives. The world cup is the most watched sporting event in the world. With my love for the game I decided to dig deeper and learn more about the inner-workings of the company FIFA. Surprisingly, in my research, I found out about the controversies surrounding FIFA. At first, I thought the company FIFA was a innocent non-profit that has a great love for the sport. However, there is bigger purpose to FIFA and scandals to it.


Waste of money for the hosting country

I chose to research the 2014 World Cup held in Rio, Brazil. Contrary to popular belief, FIFA does not allow host countries to use stadiums that were already built, requiring host countries to build brand new stadiums. The Brazilian government has spent more than 11 billion dollars getting ready for the World Cup. In addition, the stadiums have to be so big that they can only be built in locations that are far away from cities. This adds to the cost. For example, one of Brazil’s biggest purchases is located in the small city of Manaus, building a brand new 270 million dollar stadium. Manuois is so remote that it is almost impossible to reach by car, which is why officials had to have the stadium materials brought in by boat. This is a waste of money because the stadium is only going to be used for 4 World Cup games and there’s no team in Manaus that can fill it afterwards.Therefore making the stadium useless after the event. This caused riots in the streets of Rio as local residents are outraged with the major spending in the competition rather than spending money for greater causes.


My analysis: For a competition, I understand how a country with a failing economy can have many people are outraged. My eyes have been opened to some of the financial aspects of the world famous competition.


FIFA (federation internationale de futbol association)


FIFA is one of the world’s largest and well known nonprofits. Nevertheless, former president of FIFA Sepp Blatter ran the organization with absolute power, took bribes, and acted with impunity. The most recent controversy was a bribery scandal in choosing where the World Cup will be chosen. The host of the 2022 World Cup will be Qatar. A place where temperatures can reach 131 degrees Fahrenheit. A difficult environment to hold a professional sporting event outdoors. Qatar successfully bribed FIFA voters to secure its place as the host country. Major concerns about Qatar being chosen were raised and issues with infrastructure and safety were predicted. Now that Qatar is getting ready to host, all the predictions are coming true. Regarded as “slave state in the 21st century” Qatar’s residents and immigrant workers are often times held captive by their bosses who withhold their visas. Leaving workers trapped there. In an expose from MSNBC, Qatar’s deplorable practices were shown. Bosses take advantage of poor immigrants with high hopes and working contracts. These bosses seize their passports upon arrival and force them to work for almost nothing. Furthermore, working conditions are hazardous, so much so that an “estimated 4000 plus workers are dying before the first ball is even kicked in 2022”.


My analysis: FIFA has always been just a simple company in my eyes that  just controls the rules of soccer. Nevertheless, with all the research I have found I have truly understood what horrors come with conducting the world’s most watched competition. Now I understand how something like this is truly controversial. I am truly outraged about the scandals around Qatar and the way these contracting companies are treating their workers.


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