Writer’s Statement

Yes, I do believe the ideas portrayed as Discourse communities, genres, and rhetoric are useful concepts as they are created to be able to guide groups of people to meet a common goal through the means of social construct as the community have to use such as genre discourse which has to do with the type and structure of language used to convey for a particular purpose in a particular context which I find highly important as you want to get your ideas to be approached in a particular manner as it can greatly influence the outcome of the project or the goal. The same can be said about rhetoric discourse as symbols can and will convey varies messages that can also influence decisions and the way we can communicate with one another just like how today in society we use emojis to convey how we’re feeling rhetoric discourse can do the same. Discourse communities are great. I can see myself using the ideas of a discourse community as an artist to better understand the community that back me up and see how we together as an artist and a fan can come to further push whichever project I have released or about to release. It’s a great way to bring people together and leverage them to greater heights.

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