HUS Chapter 2 Questions

Chapter 2:

1. Today in society the techniques and solutions used to aid in the well being of clients who were in distress is different now. Back then people with dissabilities were given to the king, the king would protect them and provide them with what they needed. But also they had different ways in healing some illnesses. For example, people with mental illness were thought to have a demon in them. Therefore they would drill a hole in their heads “to let the evil out”.

2. The evolution of humans wellbeing services from the middle ages to the present day was from not being well developed to know being proffesionals. Indtitutes like the orphanage and the church provided aid for those people in need under their beliefs. The hospitals were also in charge of taking in people and giving them were to stay and providr the with food. They would try to find a doloution for many illnesses but due to lack of training or gaining knowlege. This is the difference now, today human service workers have to study and gain a degree or experience to be s pro

3. Obama-cares mission is to aid the well being of Americas. Obama-cares does this by giving people this health care that many people couldn’t afford. As Obama-care is affordable it is able to put peoples health as a priority any protect them from any sickness.

4. Philosophies were promoted to aid in the well being of clients and society by individualism, lassaiez-faire and social darwinism. Individualism showed people how to take responsibility to their actions in life and how to work hard for what they want.  Laissez-fair is The concept were an individual can help and maintain themselves with the least government help possible. Also social Darwinism is the belief of the survival of the fittest, therefore the weak will die or fail while the fittest will survive and progress.

5. The mental health movement promoted the well being of clients/society. This is because as clinical psychology developed, it gave the people a more effective treatments to their illnesses. This promoted the well being of clients and society because it shows interest in better educating themselves to improve treatments. This led them to providing clients with better service which promotes well being to the individual.

6. The human service movement promoted the well being of clients and society. This is because The community took in their hands to so better training in order to better aid more clients.

7. Entitled benefits like Medicare, Medicaid and welfare promotes the well being of individuals and society. This is because it gives a boost to people since these benefits are affordable. For example Welfare helps provide aid for the poor and it can help them get a job.

8. Legislation promotes the well being of individuals and society. This is because it provides clients with their prescription of their treatment. Different laws were passed allowing patients with Medicare to get better services including prescription drug benefits.

Feedbacks To a Better Essay

Writing the first essay of college can be really difficult. It’d required many revisions and many thinking. In class, I had received a few suggestion to make the essay better. However, I felt a little down after receiving both my peers and professor intake on my essay. I was shocked, I though my first daft was pretty good. I didn’t stop. I just relaxed for one hour and before I know it, I start working on my essay again. I deleted many sentences I don’t need. I then started to write on paper what I can do to make the thesis more stand out. I wrote down the thesis three times with different wording. I then started to write down my argument points. I then type my argument points and looking over the article to find quotes that relates to what I saying. I didn’t do everything in one day. The next morning (today) I worked on it more. Since a class was canceled I had time to work on it fully without rushing. This is when I got my 2nd daft. I plan to basically edit my 2nd daft for my final daft. One big struggle I have are grammar problems. I hope I can work on that before the I have to hand in my final daft.

In the middle of my revision, I just can’t think of any more to add to my essay. I still need like 1/4 of the page left to be filled. I was so blocked out. So, I started writing my cover letter, just to make me type something rather then just sitting there looking at the 1/4 of the page that is blank. At a point I was thinking, this is how I’m going to hand it in like that. Its was 6pm and I am still in the school lunchroom, typing my essay while my friends eat onion rings. I then finally had my thoughts and I put them in the essay.

I learn that sometimes in writing, not just in an essay, but in writing a novel too that a writer’s block can occur, but it’s only for a while. I would eventually know what I want to put in, and continue with writing. I also learn that writing ideas in points can help me translate those ideas into paragraphs and lastly into a full essay. Lastly but not least, I also learn that you might think your writing a perfectly done, but in other eyes, they might not understand your arguement/thesis clearly enough, or they might think that there are some things that they feel like they can be taken out, but I don’t want too. It’s sometimes hard to use the “backspace” button when it comes to writing.

Since, I learn a lot from the process for this essay, I plan to write my next essay the same way. Writing down points, points about the points and then develop it into an essay.  I actually really proud of my 2nd daft. I hope to revise and edit it one last time before Tuesday.



Essay #1 Pre- Draft : Thesis Paragraph

 Does having a surplus amount of money allow you to fulfilled and obtain full happiness?

Can Happiness be obtained? This is proven in the article, “How to buy happiness” by

Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton and the article, “How to buy happiness” by Sonja

Lyubomirsky that explains the amount of money we have and how we spend it can

influence and be very beneficial to obtaining happiness and well-being,. Both of these

articles given idea of happiness but at the same times it’s illustrated by a different stand


Humans Servuces Hw Chapter 8

1. Describe how the client empowerment model for change effectively impacts a client’s well-being status? Include what the professional would do to implement the model in the counseling session.

The goal of this model is to empower the client ensuring them that a change can be made. Having someone believe in them can result in them believing in them selves. Human service professionals jobs are to support the client as well as improving their lives.

2. Describe how a community-based agency’s mission and goals promotes well-being and happiness for their clients.

Community based agencies or organization professional workers are very involved and hands on in the community in which they are assigned. The community they are assigned to influences the way they operate. Developing strategies such as Community Mapping, helps professionals connect to the lives of the citizen’s in the community. They promote overall well-being in the client as well as the community.

3. Describe how an agency’s organizational chart promotes well-
being through the chain of command.

The chain of command are the levels of authority in an agency which helps people understand the structure of an agency and how its works. This promotes well-being because departments or individual’s work closely together to provide the best quality work to the client.

4. Describe how the referral process is utilized in relation to the client’s well-being.

The referral process is a very crucial/ important part of a human services professional responsibility. The human service worker is seeking the best work for a client making sure the services needed is provided, putting the client’s well-being and best interest first.

5. Describe how an informal network can aid in the referral and well-being goals.

Human services professionals developed a system to build a file of informal network for referral purposes. A connection between individuals and agencies (social services help aid the client). Services are organized by the well-being of the client, The clients needs whether physical, social, or emotional (building a data base of information about the client).

6. Describe how documentation and paperwork requirements aid in the well-being of the client.

Documentation and paper work are the recorded information of the client (the steps, the process, the issues, etc.) It Keeps track of the client as well as the professionals work. Permanent documentation is good for the clients well-being.

7. Describe how stress and “burnout” of the worker can impact the client’s well being.

Human services professionals encounter with a lot of challenges throughout their work day. The decisions they make affect their work, clients ( types of services he client will receive), and agencies. Workers often stress over and are overwhelmed their case loads, allocation of their resources (time), not being able to spend enough time with each client. Clients need hands on professional work to aid them and if it’s not given it can be harmful towards the client progressing in life.

8. Describe how professional development activities can impact the well-being !of the worker. Describe how it also impacts service delivery to the client.

Professional development activities impact well-being for the client as well as the professional helping them gain skills and knowledge of certain situations to provide the best quality work for the client.

9. Describe how a human service worker can utilize client empowerment as a tool in the well-being of a client.

Human services workers can use client empowerment as a tool in the well-being because empowering the client allows them to take control of their own lives solving their own problems and struggles.

Gone, hopefully not forgotten

ATTN: To all my HUS and Eng1 classmates. I’ve been gone due to seriously unavoidable commitments. Notably, going to the ER because my eyes were injured. I’m back and hoping to make up some ground tomorrow. I’ve been reading the blogs. Very enlightening…that being said, if there’s anyone or any all (lol) that has the time to hit me up to bring me up to speed in both (and here’s the hit) Eng1 and HUS. Email me directly at, or call/text me at 917-272-3306. I’m desperate!!! Thank you ALL in advance for your consideration in this matter that I consider dire. Please know that if there’s anything that I can do for ANY of you, DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK.


Damon C. Drumgold


They Way I Spend Money Has An Impact On Me

My parents were born during the depression, uneducated, and they both came from large families with little money. Their way of spending money influenced me to always think twice about purchases. I often recall my mother saying we had to wait, for something we needed, until my father got paid. One main thing, like them, I do not buy anything I cannot pay for at that moment. Live within your means, was/is their motto. This lead me to manage money, and as a result I am proud of my efforts. Proud that I pay for everything on my own, and  live within my means.

I aways had a second job, since I was in college, which was a benefit to my well-being. I think the need to support myself, since I could not depend on my parents, and pay for everything along the way, gave me the motivation to seek a second job. The benefits of doing so, not only helped me save money for the full downpayment for my home, but it also lead to many human service part-time jobs that boosted my resume. These include group home counselor for the mentally ill; assessment of people who got DWI’s; lecturing on alcohol and drugs to these folks, etc. I must say all those lectures primed me to speak in front of others!  In 1988 I started my private psychotherapy practice, which I still do along with paid trainings for social workers, and fee-for service evaluating manuscripts for a publisher. Every semester I teach an extra course, for pay, at the CUNY Graduate Center, and often do a summer session course.  All of these jobs make me happy and satisfied. As for the money, it helps me figure out what purchases I can allow myself to make and feel happy obtaining something new, eating out, socializing, etc. Money can help me make the memories I want to make.

Still today I  watch what I spend. I make it a game. I look for a deal. I try to be a bargain shopper and feel great when it all comes together. I’ll buy a lot of an item when it is on sale. For instance I’ll buy tons of toilet paper. (Hey, $11. for 20 rolls that cost $16. How could I NOT buy 80 rolls when toilet paper is always needed!) Recently cherries, which tend to be expensive-and I pass them by, were only $2.00 a pound. I bought a bunch and froze them! BTW, I have rocks in my toilet tank not only to reduce my water bill, but it is environmentally friendly. Try it.

My clothes are also bargains. Believe it or not, the large Walmart stores have some nice jeans/pants for under $20.00. The other day I wore a $10.00 dress to the college that was a Macy’s mark down from $125. I dye my own hair. Do home repairs as best as I can.  I transfer money into my retirement fund, from every paycheck. That’s so I can make sure I have the joy of spending money later!

Now, don’t go thinking I am a cheap skate. While I am not high maintenance, I do spend money. My dog’s vet bills are high. I knew this going into obtaining the breed (English Bulldog) and I do not regret a penny. My dog is my gift to myself. I will get my nails done. I do take trips. I order out for food. Sometimes I don’t care if I have to pay $40.00 for parking.

So, I feel great when I get a bargain. I feel okay when I ‘throw’ money away (splurging), when I choose.  I think ‘it all evens out in the wash.’ Now, I could be more pro-active, but I don’t want to turn into one of those coupon ladies. Nor do I want to have stress by buying what I can’t afford. Waiting and sacrificing until I have the money is so much easier.  So, how I spend (and save-which I see is a form of spending) can make me content, happy, stress-free and blessed. (Got to go and get some of those cherries out of the freezer. I’m hungry!)

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

In the article “How To Buy Happiness” by Sonja Lyubomirsky , talks about the different ways people try to buy happiness and how they use it, some wisely and some not very wise. It is stated in the article that a research was done and there was a man who was very wealthy and had everything that he wanted but he still wasn’t happy with himself. Something that was said in the article really stood out to me and i’m sure it did to all the readers was ” It’s how we spend our money-not how much we possess-that has the greater influence on our happiness”. Spending money on expensive things for yourself doesn’t make you happy but if you spend money on helping others you will most likely be guaranteed happiness because you know you used your money for a good cause not just thinking about yourself.

The research that Sonja Lyubomirsky did showed that people are not using their money wisely and this supports the point that was made earlier about spending money on others by helping them and sharing the same happy feeling. Experience on the other hand can make a person happy. Why ? Well if you are helping a person that needs things more than you do you are going to feel good about yourself and share the same mutual feeling with the other person. But if you’re just working all the time and spending long hours of the day to be wealthy and have everything you want won’t make you happy, you’re just going to be a miserable person trying to get things you don’t even need thinking that you are going to be happy. Personally, I agree with this article not only because there is research to prove it but because it’s very true that money can’t buy you happiness, having everything in the world won’t make you happy, being rich won’t do anything for you but gain you respect from others around you not bring you happiness. But if you know how to manage your money if you are a wealthy person and you give back to the community or help out in a charity you will definitely find happiness and be happy for yourself.

introduction to my life

Hello everyone I’m a little late but my name is Jacob Garcia. I am 19 years old and I don’t really speak nor write well so bear with me. I’m majoring in human services just like all of you. after college I hope to become a firefighter. I am currently working two jobs after school so I’m very busy person. I was a varsity AA baseball captain for my high school team but could not peruse my dream to play college ball due to injury, and financial difficulties. This summer I drove down to Florida with my brother and had a blast! I love the out doors , cooking , and eating most of all!

There are many things I wish I could change about me and do better in. first I had an accident years back an now I stutter really bad. I  wish I could be able to focus more on my schooling but I cant. I have a bad temper and wish I could be more relaxed. I feel that my human service courses will help me as a person with my problems and that may help me further understand others. I want to leave college being not just a high performer but a top performer… for those of you who don’t know a high performer does really great and only cares about making themselves better, but a top performer will master something and use that to encourage others and teach others to do it better. so what do I want to be when I leave college?… I want to become a top performer.

Hey Everyone!

Hello everyone my name is Tinika c Welsh, and I am 21 years old. My birthday is February 25,1993 (team Pisces lol). I was born in the beautiful of Grenada and grew up in Brooklyn. I attended Thomas Jefferson H.S and graduated in 2011. I’ve been a cheerleader for 4 years and a coach for 2 years. I love to sing ,dance and play sports. I have 2 older brothers and 1 younger sister. I’m very social and outspoken. I am a huge people person and very nice when you get to know me. As many of you probably noticed I smile all day long :-). I’m always happy and excited and eager to learn. my dream is to one day become a great psychologist and to help young adults become something in life. I love to travel and throughout my life I want to visit every continent in this world. I hope that we all have fun in this class and pass with HIGH GRADES!!!!