Gone, hopefully not forgotten

ATTN: To all my HUS and Eng1 classmates. I’ve been gone due to seriously unavoidable commitments. Notably, going to the ER because my eyes were injured. I’m back and hoping to make up some ground tomorrow. I’ve been reading the blogs. Very enlightening…that being said, if there’s anyone or any all (lol) that has the time to hit me up to bring me up to speed in both (and here’s the hit) Eng1 and HUS. Email me directly at damondrumgold@gmail.com, or call/text me at 917-272-3306. I’m desperate!!! Thank you ALL in advance for your consideration in this matter that I consider dire. Please know that if there’s anything that I can do for ANY of you, DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK.


Damon C. Drumgold