There are many things that I have learned mid-semester. I have learned how to be open minded about what I see and be different. In the first project, we took pictures of urban artifacts and made them into art. I would have never thought that something that we find in the street can be art. Although I followed the guidelines, I was still scared to be creative. That is one thing that I would change in my first project is having fear of being creative. In the second project, I learned how to pay attention to music, listen deeper to the beat, and instruments. It was very difficult using Photoshop to make a music video of our paintings. In the third project I made a cut out that had to be narrow and broad with a high-key and a low-key tone. The only part in the project that i found difficult was how we had to paint our cut outs. I’ve never used the gauche paint before so it was very difficult. Besides all of those minor things in the project I wouldn’t have changed anything on my project besides the video being a bit more interactive. Overall, these projects have been very fun yet difficult in certain points.

Sound Visualization: Phase 4, Urban Artifact: Phase 4 Value-Added Portraits: Phase 4