My name is Ely Ballinas and This Project on sounds has showed me a lot. The title of my design was Middle because of the song I chose.  I learned how to pay attention on things I really don’t listen to like the actual beat of a song. I didn’t realize before if a song can be staccato or legato until doing this project. I was so naive not listening to music without actually hearing everything making the music like it should be.  This project was very difficult because I never used Photoshop before  and I didn’t know what to do exactly. My Original project also got deleted and I had to buy Photoshop to finish the project at home. Even when I bought Photoshop though I was still confused ,but I finished it and I put my twist into the project in my own way. In the video I created I made the Staccato and Legato images pop out and vanish to go with the beat. The images going around also represented the flow of both songs and towards the end I made the full picture of my painting appear to see the outcome. Overall this was a fun and eye opening project that i enjoyed very much.

Visualizations: Phase 1Visualizations: Phase 2Visualizations: Phase 3