This project has showed me new things and different ways to look at something. I learned how something so simple like trash on the floor can turn into art.  I also learned how to do ambiguous and obvious picture which I didn’t even know what they were before. Thanks to the critics on my project as well I learned that I should be more unpredictable and get out of my comfort zone to what I know. I feel like I did the project just to fill in the requirement and didn’t put much creativity to what I should have done. That is one thing I would change on the next project and be more unpredictable. Overall I think the critics helped me think of what I should do next time on a similar project. I enjoyed this project overall and think it is a good eye opener for the first class. My other assignments were  Urban Artifact Phase: 3 ,  Urban Artifact Phase: 2 , Urban Artifacts: Phase 1