Juxtaposition project


In order to reach this location you walk on Jay street towards the train station . On your way there you’ll eventually see “Myrtle Ave” on your left it’ll be an open space where people can walk through . Its in front of a train station


I went to the location pretty late it was after my 8:30 class and I had to wait for the bus for a while . so I wandered around and I saw these trees and I remembered about the juxtapositions .And how every tree was a different shade but they’re all the same.


1 thought on “Juxtaposition project”

  1. What an interesting photograph–the lighting makes the tree in the foreground really stand out. What do you think you want to juxtapose with the trees? I think if you just wanted to juxtapose one tree with another, particularly the trees in this photograph, you wouldn’t find there’s enough to say for Project #3. But the trees are juxtaposed with other elements in the photograph. Maybe it would be helpful to make a list of everything you see and decide what you want to focus on to juxtapose with the trees.

    You might also want to return in the daytime to see how your juxtaposition changes in different lighting, different population around, etc.

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