Curious artifacts


When I was creating my mind map it was easy to do even though the brainstorming was a bit difficult at first but I got to get all of these new ideas and expand. There are a lot of things that drives my curiosity however, 3 of the many things listed I chose animals, nature, and water. But an specific animal I chose was a giraffe because they are tall creatures with tall necks that are unique because of their height. There is so much about nature itself that you can just find surrounding you, like the trees. There are certain things that can adapt to a different economy and still grow without a problem. Water is my last curiosity because as we all know it can be made into a solid shape or even to a gas, and probably left to remain as just a liquid form.


When it came to having to draw thumbnails, it was a hard choice on which 3 to work on or I’ll have other thoughts that I’ll prefer to do or choice a different idea that was in my mind map.



It was a lot easier to fill in the thumbnails after all the ruler measures and recheck on the inches of the boxes and even the space between them.

Overall I liked what we did on this project. Even though at first I was struggling it got easier to do after knowing I was in my final draft and I was soon to be done. However, I think if we filled with ink it would of been alot more presentable.

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