Curious Artifacts

This is my mind map. This is where it all started. I jot down whatever was on my mind and I connected more ideas as I expanded the mind map.

These are my sketches. The sketches were one of the hardest parts of this project. At first I thought it would be the easiest but It took me more time than I expected. I ended up changing one of my curious artifacts from a laptop to an apple watch because it would look better as stable and ambiguous figures.


This is my final product. I struggled a lot to get here but I’m glad I finished the project on time. One thing that I learned from this project is that art is not as easy as it looks. This project taught me a lot about what it means to be a designer because first, I had to make sure the lines and measurements were correct and then I had to make sure the Bristol sheet was clean and smooth and lastly, my figures had to make sense.


After finalizing my project, I received a lot of positive and negative feedback which I appreciated because it’ll make me grow as a designer. Many people in my critique group liked my final project. They mainly talked about the basketball because it looks like a smiley face. I received negative feedback on my apple watch sketch because It could’ve been done differently. I personally feel like I should’ve spent more time sketching the apple watch and I shouldn’t have rushed it.



2 thoughts on “Curious Artifacts”

  1. Hey, the goal of the project was to create and define 3 stable drawings and 3 ambiguous drawings. I like the drawings, however the apple watch doesn’t really show an ambiguous image, as well as the beats. But overall, its a great project.

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