Curious Artifacts


Mind map


I one thing i learned about this project is that designing isn’t easy as it looks, there’s a LOT of precise hand movements, and measurements that needs to happen.

I felt like i could’ve drawn more sketches just to see other drawings that i liked, but ultimately ended up choosing these three. On my next project i definitely wont do it last minute, and draw more sketches.

I chose these 3 objects because it reminds me of nature, and nature drives my curiosity. The butterfly because i always wondered how does the body of a caterpillar change into a body that grows beautiful wings. The water drop because i really want to know how a water drop forms that kind of shape where it forms a sharp end at the top, starting to wonder if water is both liquid and solid. And the leaf because i want to know how it manages to change colors during a certain season.

2 thoughts on “Curious Artifacts”

  1. This looks great! I personally really like the water drop it looks really interesting cropped to the side. Art does take a while but it’s always worth the time when you see the result. Great work!!

  2. Hello the goal for this project was to create and define 3 stable drawings and 3 ambiguous drawings . I really liked how it came out overall . Hopefully you’ve learned from this project and work on what you can improve . I believe we all struggled with a steady hand . It takes time and practice.

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