Class notes for 9/12: Project #2 and the role of the artist

Update about what we’re doing for Project #2: As we draft, you will develop answers to many of the questions we brainstormed. Ultimately, you will produce an interview with an introduction, much like the format of Ksenya Samarskaya’s interview with Nontsikelelo Mutiti, “Nontsikelelo Mutiti on Interrogating the Euro-centric Design Canon.”

Homework due 9/17: Answer 4 questions from our list, trying to think about any kind of theme or awareness-raising your work expresses or you want it to express. Aim to write approximately 150 per question. To submit your homework, add a post with your 4 questions and answers, using the title Project #2 First Draft, category ENG1101 Project #2, the tag Drafts and anything else you choose to tag it.

Also, read Nancy Sommers’ “Revision Strategies of Student Writers and Esperienced Adult Writers.” Bring a copy to class, or let me know that you need a copy.

Write your cover letter. If you are not in class, please refer to the cover letter instructions and submit your answers in class on Tuesday.

“No Place for Self-Pity, No Room for Fear”:

Sadness, fear, dread as basis for art

For The Nation‘s 150th Anniversary issue

We can use any time–no matter how bleak–as inspiration to do something good

Artists and writers have the power to heal, influence, bring awareness, awaken people, solutions

Art as outlet for artists, to express how they felt about war, dictatorship, etc

Any connections you made to the reading?

Yes, it’s motivation: telling us we can keep going, to express ourselves creatively.

Connection to Kemple in Emily Gosling’s article: “With design, you have this amazing ability to have an impact…designers have a resonsibility to make work that has depth.” Also, Mututi’s examples about colonialism and Western examples vs local examples in design theory.

We can use design to inspire, even to inspire others to do something creative. What message comes from our design?

Does your design work reflect your personal aesthetic? your personal politics? the state of affairs you’re working in? are you working on raising awareness? can others see your local situation through your work?


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