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Project 3 – selfiemotion

Russell Armfield

For the selfiemotion project, I chose fear as my emotion

In my first version, my goal was the make an image that inspires fear rather than evokes it. By taking elements that make something scary like dark shadows I tried to make something that indicated fear. It didn’t work too well and I needed a better variety of shades.

In my second sketch I tried to evoke the idea of fear more. Rather than caring about my image, I got more abstract with this idea.

In my third image I continued the idea of abstraction but with a different angle.

In my final project I put elements I liked from each of these together create a collage that I’m rather proud of.

Project 3 Selfiemotion- Step 3 – Collage

The mood of my fist work is fear and scared.The focal point of my work is on the mouth.I repeated the part of my mouth three times, which meant that I was so scared and I was screaming.I also magnified the eyebrows and the eye parts, which meant that I saw something terrible.The last thing I did is cut the head into pieces,which meant that I lost my mind.


The mood of my second work is fear and scared.The focal point of my work is on the eyes.I magnified the  the eyes , which meant that I saw something terrible.The last thing I did is cut the head in half,which meant that I lost my mind.



The mood of my third work is fear and scared.The focal point of my work is on the mouth.I cut the head to three part and repeated my eyes and mouth, which meant that I was so scared


Project 3 : Selfiemotion |step 3 – collage

This is one of the sketches I did, the movement is mainly coming from the zigzags that go across my face. While doing this project I had originally taped on a different set of eyes, one that was crossed eyed. But in doing that it took away a number of things, the emotion I was trying to get across and the focus point and unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it. I emotion I chose in this third project was anger. What mainly shows the mood in my composition is the mouth gives out a someone that is yelling.

This was another of the sketches I did to express anger. With using the eyebrows in the composition to sort of show anger was a fail because instead it gave out a confused vibe. So that is one of the reason I decided against it. Throughout this composition I noticed that the value was doing poorly because it was super light in most spots.


Project 3 – Selfiemotion – Collage

This is my very first sketch for my selfiemotion project. I was laying down the ideas that I would like to incorporate for my final work. I decided on having the the eyes as my focal point, but it’s not so clear yet for this sketch. The direction is not so yet, so that was another thing I had to work on.

More experiments on how I could deliver the idea of sadness for the final work. The cloud was an attempt as a symbol for an overcrowded head, like heads in the clouds, when I feel sad.

I’ve also want to include some drawings into the collage, not just cut outs of photographs to give it more character and different texture to it.


Project 3 Selfiemotion- step 3 Create Collage


The mood of all the collage are anger.

These two were created the same day so I was cautious on cutting up the face because I was afriad of messing up.

In this was trying to figure out how to express anger than just changing the eyebrows. My mouth has a bit of a smile so  tried to hind it up with mustaches. however I  this one I draw my a mouth grunting the teeth. The lines on the side of the face were so pose to be wrinkles you get when you streach the mouth long.

This final collage capture movement by showing that anger builds up and then eventually let the rage out like a volcano. If I thought of this soon I would’ve made it more exagguated.


Project 3 – Collage

The first photo on the left had a movement, but it was lacking shades of gray and the mood was between happy and surprise.  The photo in the middle had the movement but was also lacking the shades of gray and also the focal point.  The photo on the right had nothing, I really like the work but it was nothing related to the project.  Of the 3 pictures I chose the one on the middle because there were minor issues that can be fixed in no time.

Project 3

My mood is happy. For my first sketch I decided to show my mood a little bit funny by making it seem like the joker, but when people had to guess my mood they take my mood in a more deeper and weird direction.

For my second sketch I just played around with my face expression so people can tell that I’m happy. Which it didn’t go well because people were saying every mood but happy. I decided to change some elements that weren’t necessary and make the focal point a lot more noticeable.

final composition

Since we weren’t able to use any emojis and things like that. I wanted to base my collage on the laughing emoji. Since I struggled with my focal point and also with people guessing my mood, I thought that it was funny and obvious to show it that way. The way that I put all the elements together shows my movement, that I’m moving around while laughing so hard.

Project 3 Collage Process

So for my collage, I decided to focus on the emotion of anger. I think the mood of the sketches I created was very accurate to the mood I was aiming for but I was having trouble in other areas such as the grayscale, focal point and movement in the image. I tried to solve this in my second sketch by focusing more on the eyebrows for the focal point. The grayscale and movement was an improvement as well so I was very satisfied with the results of my sketches.

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Selfiemotion – Klarissa G.

For my Selfiemotion Collage, these are 3 of the sketches I tried out:


The mood I chose to portray is Fear. To me Fear is mainly expressed by the eyes, but then also followed up by the eyebrows and the mouth. When I feel fear my eyes open up wide and I raise my eyebrows and my mouth stays in a pout. But I know more people would express fear with their mouth open in some sort of stressed way. In my sketches those are the elements that I tried to play around with. In my sketches I wasn’t so successful with the motion and contrast of the different elements.

And this is what I ended up making as my final work and my grayscale:

I think I was able to achieve the fearful look although I know some people might think the expression I created looks more disgusted or surprised. I added different sized and contrasted elements (eyebrows, eyes and mouth) in order to portray a pulsing kind of motion and to represent how when I feel fear I feel shock and even though my eyes widen, my emotional side starts to shrink inside. Thats also why I decided to make the lower part of my chest get smaller as it goes down. I made my grayscale into a collage like my photo with the remaining scraps of my black and white photographs. The whole project was interesting and little tedious to make. But it’s something I had never done before so it was fun. I didn’t want to use other photographs that weren’t of my face, but maybe that could have helped me push out the expression a little bit more.