Project 3 – Selfiemotion – Collage

This is my very first sketch for my selfiemotion project. I was laying down the ideas that I would like to incorporate for my final work. I decided on having the the eyes as my focal point, but it’s not so clear yet for this sketch. The direction is not so yet, so that was another thing I had to work on.

More experiments on how I could deliver the idea of sadness for the final work. The cloud was an attempt as a symbol for an overcrowded head, like heads in the clouds, when I feel sad.

I’ve also want to include some drawings into the collage, not just cut outs of photographs to give it more character and different texture to it.


One thought on “Project 3 – Selfiemotion – Collage

  1. Esmeralda Reyes

    Your sketches are so well done that I would have had a hard time deciding which to choose. The way you expressed motion in this project is really inspiring and how those motions go perfectly with the mood too!


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