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Project 3 – selfiemotion

Russell Armfield

For the selfiemotion project, I chose fear as my emotion

In my first version, my goal was the make an image that inspires fear rather than evokes it. By taking elements that make something scary like dark shadows I tried to make something that indicated fear. It didn’t work too well and I needed a better variety of shades.

In my second sketch I tried to evoke the idea of fear more. Rather than caring about my image, I got more abstract with this idea.

In my third image I continued the idea of abstraction but with a different angle.

In my final project I put elements I liked from each of these together create a collage that I’m rather proud of.

Project 3 : Selfiemotion-step 5 -deliver

This my final work .The mood of my final work is fear.The mood of my final work is fear and scared.The focal point of my work is the eyes.I repeated the part of my mouth three times, which meant that I was so scared and I was screaming.I also repainted the eye part, which meant that I saw something terrible so my eyes coming out .The last thing I did is draw some curves around my head,which meant that I am shaking.


Project 3 -Step 5 Deliver by J’nei Kelly

My final collage was my face after being surprised ,I chose to show this feeling by using what moves on my face the most when I’m shocked .First I used the differences in contrast to create an eye catching eye since I wanted it to be my focal point because my eyes go big first and my eyebrows raise up .Then I moved my mouth around to show a jaw drop because the second thing to move when surprised is the jaw .The third thing I did was use grayscale to show the differences in my nose after a surprise because of the sharp breath I took when surprised.Lastly I used my hair raised up because when I think surprised I also think goosebumps and the hair on the back of your neck raising but all over your body

Project 3 : Selfiemotion |step 5 -deliver

Throughout doing this project I struggled on which mood I wanted to accomplish. At first I chose happiness but it didn’t seem to ‘excite’ me . So that’s when I went with to complete opposite, anger. When I am angry, the same way my composition looks is how feel inside. Its like everything is  exploding around me but then I have that sense of softness and I incorporate that in between my eyes and nose. If I could change something about this project is to have more sketches, go through more trails and errors. What I learned is how value can affect your compositions , I’d also have more darks shades on me final.

Project 3 – Selfiemotion – Deliver

For my selfiemotion project, I’ve chosen the emotion of sadness. As you can see, there are three layers of my selfie, cut out in the same shape, while the face part is detached. I did this because personally, when I’m sad, I feel like I’m in pieces, that I am not myself, incomplete. Tears were also added as an obvious sign of sadness. The wavy shapes coming out of my temple symbolizes thoughts. When I think of sadness, I feel like we contemplate things too much that our mind is overcrowded and overwhelmed. You could easily tell when one is sad just by looking through their eyes, hence making that as my focal point. I had trouble really showing this through my sketches, so I’ve decided to go with a textured drawing to make it stand out, also making the front layer of my selfie light, contrasting with the eye drawing.

While I am not completely satisfied by my final work, there are some things I would like to change, maybe adding more middle grays in there and  I still feel something is missing, I think I’ve somewhat achieved what I was going for.

Project – Deliver

I was semi happy with my work. I was able to make the mood and the movement clear.  I was able to use the different shades of gray.  I feel like I could have done better on the focal point, I still feel that it was not clear enough.  If I get to do it again, I would do some sketches and make it more abstract.

Project 3

My mood is happy. For my first sketch I decided to show my mood a little bit funny by making it seem like the joker, but when people had to guess my mood they take my mood in a more deeper and weird direction.

For my second sketch I just played around with my face expression so people can tell that I’m happy. Which it didn’t go well because people were saying every mood but happy. I decided to change some elements that weren’t necessary and make the focal point a lot more noticeable.

final composition

Since we weren’t able to use any emojis and things like that. I wanted to base my collage on the laughing emoji. Since I struggled with my focal point and also with people guessing my mood, I thought that it was funny and obvious to show it that way. The way that I put all the elements together shows my movement, that I’m moving around while laughing so hard.

This is my finished work my mood is anger and I think iv achieved the contrast well and my gray scale looks okay but I’m  not to sure if the focal point is clear my original focal point is the mouth but it gets confused with the right eye iv fixed it and hope it looks better

The mood that I chose was happiness. The reason I chose this mood is because it is my natural habitat on most day and why not choose to be happy. I won’t say that making an happy collage was easy, but the mere fact that I was able to do something tells me that I am more than capable of doing more: I honestly think I could have done a better representation of happiness. Gradient wise, I decided to go more on the brighter spectrum because no happiness is dark.  However, i kept the darker shades for the corner of my head and my eye. Where you see the tiny circles coming out from one side of the face, it is supposed to be a slinky. I chose this because when some people laugh really hard, they feel the pressure of their brain popping through the eye.  My intended focal point is the hands which is to depict the raise of the hands when laughing.

Project 3: Selfie Motion

Here is my final collage. During this project, I learned a lot about focal points and how it can create a big impact on an image. Grayscale in my image helped define the collage and gave it more personality. I think I struggled a lot finding out how to do movement in the image but I tried my best to achieve that. This project was fun and taught me how to experiment with different elements to define an emotion.

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