Project 3 – Selfiemotion – Deliver

For my selfiemotion project, I’ve chosen the emotion of sadness. As you can see, there are three layers of my selfie, cut out in the same shape, while the face part is detached. I did this because personally, when I’m sad, I feel like I’m in pieces, that I am not myself, incomplete. Tears were also added as an obvious sign of sadness. The wavy shapes coming out of my temple symbolizes thoughts. When I think of sadness, I feel like we contemplate things too much that our mind is overcrowded and overwhelmed. You could easily tell when one is sad just by looking through their eyes, hence making that as my focal point. I had trouble really showing this through my sketches, so I’ve decided to go with a textured drawing to make it stand out, also making the front layer of my selfie light, contrasting with the eye drawing.

While I am not completely satisfied by my final work, there are some things I would like to change, maybe adding more middle grays in there andΒ  I still feel something is missing, I think I’ve somewhat achieved what I was going for.

1 thought on “Project 3 – Selfiemotion – Deliver

  1. Esmeralda Reyes

    I really love how deep you thought into this project. That’s something I believe I should’ve did more of so great job on that. While looking at your final I can really see the sadness, pain in it . Also loved how you came up with a different approach on your grayscale. Overall nicely done !!


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