Monthly Archives: September 2019

Hey I’m the sidewalk. I have been overlooked and mistreated for years by human, animal and etc. They just walk all over me with no consideration or care, throwing their trash everywhere. I don’t understand why they do this to me if I’m the support under their feet.

Brick wall 1
Hey I’m the wall, without me you’ll have no privacy, separation, or protection you welcome.


Hey my name is book we could be best friends if you  want to. I would be your most trustworthy and entertaining friend. Whenever your bored and need entertainment you can read me and when ever you need to express yourself I got endless pages to write on.

this is the final composition which is a cardboard box with some cats scratches i really liked the design scratches created that’s is why I picked itthis is the second final composition I found the leaf very interesting with the bendings and the cut outs on certain areas which made me choose it for the composition —–

Over all I’m very satisfied with the way these comps ended , not using lines on these comps   if were hard and if  were to do something different I would pick another image instead the first one which will include more details and designs just to make it more attractive