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So these are my final composition. This project was really fun especially because it was outdoor. One of the thing that annoyed me the most were the first objects I found were effected by weather so I had to change pictures also my chalks were crap it was really light all of the colors were hard to see so I had to over write all 3 again and again it was really frustrating but the project was really fun

This is my finished work my mood is anger and I think iv achieved the contrast well and my gray scale looks okay but I’m  not to sure if the focal point is clear my original focal point is the mouth but it gets confused with the right eye iv fixed it and hope it looks better

so this is all my compositions filling up spaces and adjusting light and darkness was kinda hard but overall these compositions looks good and if I had to do it again I would simply just try to make the dark areas more darker and fill the empty spaces with lines or texts and now I know how important light-dark adjustments, lines and textures are for a design .

This is my final line composition i think it turned out well and maybe the lightness and darkness needs a little work  line composition sketch My final texture ink composition I think I achieved the contrast and light darkness very well and the design came out the way I wanted This is the final texture type ink composition again I think the light and darkness is okay but it kinda looks messy and I didn’t want that but i think it doesn’t look too bad This is the line type composition i think the design is pretty good but contrast needs work also it has some empty sapaces which I should have filled but I was afraid that It would make it look messy like the other one texture type composition line composition texture composition