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this is my final composition. through this project, I learned how to mix and match between the lighter and the darker color along with resizing images. I also learned how to select and color area with similar color. In this composition, I’ve found the cleanup and coloring selected area to be the hardest but now I can do it easily.

Line Pattern

Pattern Case Study:

I felt an ornamental and retro mood from the pattern. Therefore I started studying Ornamental lines.  Drawing different ornamental lines of several widths allowed me to create a pattern to work with and guide me while I was working on the bigger picture.


For this line pattern, I selected a theme which was the “Fleur-de-lys”. The fleur is very representative of the ornamental designs and found it a perfect inspiration for this design. I based the darker colors of the composition just by the thickness of the pens and not by repetition and filling the space.

Ink pagt

Pattern Line drawing with ornamental and retro lines. Repetition and thickness allowed me to make the darker spaces seem denser and fuller.

this is the final composition which is a cardboard box with some cats scratches i really liked the design scratches created that’s is why I picked itthis is the second final composition I found the leaf very interesting with the bendings and the cut outs on certain areas which made me choose it for the composition —–

Over all I’m very satisfied with the way these comps ended , not using lines on these comps   if were hard and if  were to do something different I would pick another image instead the first one which will include more details and designs just to make it more attractive

Step 4-Deliver

(My finals were handed in during class. Below is only my development. None of my finals are present on this page in particular.)



I’m have a mixed feeling on my assignment. While I believe the I created interesting designs but they weren’t up to par with a few of the expectations set. While not intentional, their was a bit of a lack in consistency in my finished pieces. The marker I used wasn’t too consistent, even if I did apply many coats. Another thing to note is my obvious didn’t completely hit the 30/70 relationship it should’ve.

Project 1- Andrew Chen – Step 4: Deliver

This was an amazing experience. I learned to create art without lines. The 1st 2 weeks was a struggle because i relied on lines to define the image.  It was fun finding new ways to bring an object to life.  By learning how to use the background and the black colors, I was able to highlight the object without lines.  With this knowledge, I will be ready for the next project.