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Project 5- imagiNATION: Deliver

It was one of the toughest projects this semester.  It was raining a lot, and on other days it would be very windy and cold.  For the project I felt I did a fair job. I like the results from “Art” and “Vine”, bother showed the characteristics of the crack.  For “Math, there were so many object overpowering each other, I lost focus of what my object should be.

Overall, this project taught me a lot of lessons.  I should always be prepared for what mother nature has in store for us.  I should have tested the chalks before I use it for my final work.  Most importantly I should have spent more days outside to adapt the environment.

Andrew Chen Project 4 – Deliver

Overall I really had fun playing with the colors.  I never thought I would enjoy playing with the triad colors.  The one improvement I would like to work on is the 1st step, playing with the brightness and contrast and still maintaining the details. I had a hard time getting all of the bow tie in tack, so I had to remove it. I would like to play with more colors on my hair face and tie.

Andrew Chen Project 4- Develop


I use the orange to complement and also exaggerate the blue, making it strong.

The Triad colors went very well, of the three images, this was my favorite. The yellow back ground really complemented the red hair.

For the Analogous colors I chose the blue as the background to complement the violet blue details and it also making the blue green hair very noticeable.

Project – Deliver

I was semi happy with my work. I was able to make the mood and the movement clear.  I was able to use the different shades of gray.  I feel like I could have done better on the focal point, I still feel that it was not clear enough.  If I get to do it again, I would do some sketches and make it more abstract.

Project 3 – Collage

The first photo on the left had a movement, but it was lacking shades of gray and the mood was between happy and surprise.  The photo in the middle had the movement but was also lacking the shades of gray and also the focal point.  The photo on the right had nothing, I really like the work but it was nothing related to the project.  Of the 3 pictures I chose the one on the middle because there were minor issues that can be fixed in no time.

Step 5 – Deliver

Overall I felt that I did a nice job on the lines part. I can tell the difference between the object and the background. The different shade and spacing of the strokes really defined the images.
As for the patterns I felt like there is a lot of room for improvements. With so many words, it became a bit confusing for me to see the image.  Maybe I should have simplified it by having less words and then increased the size of the fonts and maybe play around with the contrast.
I need to work better on the mood. For the gates i did put a lot of words on how I felt about the gates, but i didn’t do that for the pasta.  Overall it was a great learning experience but I really
should put more time on making different sketches so I can generate more ideas a long the way and then maybe I could have done a better deliver on project 2.

Step 4 – Develop in ink

The pasta was well done. I made different shades and space of strokes to define the object and the shadows.  Because it was a pasta I decided to make swirly patterns to describe the movement of the pasta.  It was a great practice and preparation for my last part, using script typeface. For the gates I was not happy with it because of the lack of background and too many white space that should not have been there.  I will continue to work on it, add lines to remove the white space.

Project 1- Andrew Chen – Step 4: Deliver

This was an amazing experience. I learned to create art without lines. The 1st 2 weeks was a struggle because i relied on lines to define the image.  It was fun finding new ways to bring an object to life.  By learning how to use the background and the black colors, I was able to highlight the object without lines.  With this knowledge, I will be ready for the next project.