Step 5 – Deliver

Overall I felt that I did a nice job on the lines part. I can tell the difference between the object and the background. The different shade and spacing of the strokes really defined the images.
As for the patterns I felt like there is a lot of room for improvements. With so many words, it became a bit confusing for me to see the image.  Maybe I should have simplified it by having less words and then increased the size of the fonts and maybe play around with the contrast.
I need to work better on the mood. For the gates i did put a lot of words on how I felt about the gates, but i didn’t do that for the pasta.  Overall it was a great learning experience but I really
should put more time on making different sketches so I can generate more ideas a long the way and then maybe I could have done a better deliver on project 2.

2 thoughts on “Step 5 – Deliver

  1. Klarissa G.

    I think you did a great job with your final compositions. I can see the contrast in them. And I agree with you in the difficulty of making a clearer design for the type compositions because it was the same issue for me. But overall I think your designs fit the mood of each photograph well.

  2. Angela Iacono

    I think your final compositions turned out great. Seeing your sketches compared to the end result really shows how much work you put into this project. I think the way you did the background for the fence was really nice. Overall, great job on your final compositions.


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