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Project 4: Define


I chose Blue-green for my favorite color. Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, which projects a serene feeling in my opinion. Green on the other hand is the color of nature…of life, something new growing, thus gives a harmonious and relaxing feeling. Combined, it creates this beautiful color that brings all the best characteristic of both colors.

3 analogous composition

complimentary composition

triad composition

I like violet because violet is so easy to the eyes. I  like it also because of how diverse it is and its capability of invoking both feminine and masculine. Based on my research of violet or more specifically lavender is the color of youth and vitality. It also has the historical use associated with the Christian fate as a symbol of Easter.

Project 4 – Step 4 “Deliver”

Color selfies




Selfie colors composition

What I learned with this project is that colors have a psychological meaning on the viewer, and if the combination of colors is not balanced the composition will be spiky on the viewer’s eyes. For example, I selected red as my favorite color, while I was creating the complementary color composition I realized that adding green to it generated a clash in the image since they are both strong colors. To remediate this I decided to add the green in the background and red in the foreground and it toned down the intensity of the complimentary composition.

Project 4 – Step 3 “Develop”

Pantone 199 C

Isadora Martinez’s favorite color, RED

I chose the color red because for me it’s a powerful color. It is a color that motivates people to take action, we associate it with love, passion, energy danger, strength, and war. This resonates with me because I’m the kind of person that if there’s a problem to be solved I always decide to take immediate action. It’s an intense color that demands immediate attention. I even researched the psychological meaning of the color which has tremendous effects on the viewer, it increases metabolism, increases respiration rate and even raises blood pressure.


Project 4 Color your Selfie- Step 4

I learned that color I picked could’ve worked better if it was shade. Tint works well with complementary and Triad compositions but as a analogous, it lacked contrast. Before I chose violet as one of the analogous which was worst because since violet is a in the mix of red-violet, it was like the violet focal point was not there. For next project, I’ll use the one of the highest contrasting color chalks that fits the object.