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The Voice of The Village

The Museum I visited was the Museum of The City of New York. The exhibition I browsed was “The Voice of the Village”. This exhibition was a limited exhibition in the museum and If I am not mistaken, I believe it ran up to December 1st or the 2nd. This photograph reminded me of the Obvious and Ambiguous project.

Project 5

I enjoyed this assignment more than any other one introduced in the class even though I don’t  like drawing.  This instilled in me concepts that I can use in the latter of my career (law and health). It took me a while to realize this , but this course has taught me things that I need to pay close attention to.  Nonetheless, the above were not the initial pictures that I was going to work with.  I changed over to this because it is not too complex. All of this was taken and done outside the basement area of my building. For PLOW I decided to outline the purple chalk with charcoal that way it would be more visable to the eye. Due to my inability to write small, I was not able to keep the fonts the same size as the objects or mark chosen. In the future, I would look for items that are much bigger to fit my penmanship.  I do take it upon myself to practice writing smaller on concrete and on paper. Did I meet the objective of the some aspects yes. Much better could have been done.

History of Favorite My Color

My favorite color is orange. However, on the color wheel, red-orange suits more of the tone of orange that I liked.  Growing up, I always based my favorite color on those that I looked up to just to fit in, so as I grew older I wanted a color that fits me (unusual, full of laughter, spontaneous, trusting and bright: this is just some elements that fit into the history of the color red-orange. 

Fact: The word orange stemmed from the Old French and Anglo-Saxon orenge. Before the name orange appeared, it was yellow-red. Another way of saying yellow-red was “geoluhread”.

This color conveys enthusiasm, vitality, encouragement, energy, balance, protection self- assertion, opportunity, adventure, ambition, confidence, exotic, and surprisingly , it was a color used among the royals. 

In the fifteen hundreds, artists used orange to create drama. The orange pigment then was made out of a highly toxic mineral called orpiment, which contained traces of arsenic.

In the case of product promotion, this bright color attracts the eye to the consumer to alert them that the price is cheap. 

The history and usage of the color orange/ red-orange is never ending and interesting.

P.S. I am so glad I chose this as a favorite color of mine. Orange rocks.

The mood that I chose was happiness. The reason I chose this mood is because it is my natural habitat on most day and why not choose to be happy. I won’t say that making an happy collage was easy, but the mere fact that I was able to do something tells me that I am more than capable of doing more: I honestly think I could have done a better representation of happiness. Gradient wise, I decided to go more on the brighter spectrum because no happiness is dark.  However, i kept the darker shades for the corner of my head and my eye. Where you see the tiny circles coming out from one side of the face, it is supposed to be a slinky. I chose this because when some people laugh really hard, they feel the pressure of their brain popping through the eye.  My intended focal point is the hands which is to depict the raise of the hands when laughing.

Pattern and Texture


These are the final pictures.  One represents a tile and the other represents, at least in my eyes macaroni.

Oh how yummy. The curves and the magnitude of the lines as well as the little particles on the top gives me the impression that it is pasta. Oh how I can taste the cheese melting on my tongue because it was fresh out of the oven. Eat this with macaroni with some chicken along with some avacado and your belly will thank you. Do not forget drink it down with some orange solo (a caribbean treat).

Every morning when I wake up to get ready for school, I go to the bathroom to take a shower. upon entering, I look down and see my reflection painted on the flower patterned tile. They are plated perfectly on the floor, you don’t know the cut off point on the tile. It sits perfect, I admire it for quite some time.